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2k Bag of Tricks... 
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Joined: Mon Jul 21, 2008 5:46 am
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This is an army list with a few tricks up its sleeve. It may look vulnerable but there are a few nasty surprises.


High Sorceress (385pts)
[General; Lvl 4; Black Amulet; Focus Familiar; Cold One]

(goes into CoK unit, which has the Hag Graef standard. She is very well protected indeed. ASF, Fear, CoK bodyguard with ASF, 5+armor, 4+Ward with rebound in CC, can also cast in CC due to familiar and has great LOS. Even if stupidity makes them vulnerable, the ASF banner makes up for the danger. Only real problem IMHO is a bad miscast.)

Sorceress (180pts)
[Lvl 2; Lifetaker; Tome of Furion]

(This little lady goes into a corsair unit with the banner of murder. She ALWAYS shoots on 2+, 3x multiple S4 with -2 saves. A reaper bolt thrower in her own right. Not to mention her 3 spells.

21 Warriors (187pts)
[Full Command; War Banner]

(This is a solid infantry block with a static +6 CR to begin with. The extra spearman is a pts filler)

14 Corsairs (193pts)
[Rep. Handbows; Full Command; Reaver with extra handbow; Banner of Murder]

(this unit will host the sorceress and the assassin -see below. Her shooting and spellcasting abilities will surely draw attention from the enemy. If the enemy charges this juicy target, he's in for a nice stand and shoot with AP reaction, plus an Assassin.)

Assassin (141pts)
[Additional HW; Rune of Khaine; Cloak of Twllight]

(This guy starts in the corsair unit. If it has no need of protection, he slingshots himself into whatever target looks juiciest)

5 Dark Riders (117pts)
[Musician; Xbows]

(Can't leave home without them)

5 Harpies (55pts)

5 Harpies (55pts)

(aahh...Harpies. They can shield, bait, go wizard hunting, march block, go warmachine hunting, go skirmisher hunting...)

5 Cold one Knights (210pts)
[Full Command; Standard of Hag Graef]

(This is the General's bodyguard. It hits like a train and even if stupidity kicks in and they get charged, they are bound to reduce casualties. Not to mention the black amulet on the juicy general.)

1 Chariot (100pts)

(I find the new chariot has improved so much, I cannot resist taking at least one.)


(needs no justification)

2 RBT's (200pts)

(Nice shooting battery. Makes opponents nervous. Deals with big nasties.)

Total 1999pts

8 Power/ 5 dispel die

65 models.

Suggestions? Comments? Feel free to comment :D

Thu Aug 07, 2008 6:36 am
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your sorceress is no where near as well protected as you think she is.

a unit of five cok can be marginalised and largely ignored throughout the course of a battle with this set up.

fragile to shooting, and heavy hitters in combat, such as dragons, manticore's, griffons, e.t.c

also the unit is vulnerable to the majority of high elf special choices. In short, this unit is a jack of all trades, master of none.

why not put her on a dark steed and have her keep away from combats. it'll free up some points by way of her not needing the black gem.

if your determined to have this set up, i would suggest buying black guard over cok, and adding an assasin in there to counter any charges in on your sorceress's unit. this way she is protected by a larger unit, with an assasin to trouble shoot any challenges. plus, the black guard are much more suited to the counter attack method you seem to describe in your tactics.

Also have you thought of dropping the RBT's? i read an article in this website that theorised about the effectiveness of these machines, and it turns out they don't really justify thier cost. As for them dealing with big nasties, a noble with caledor's bane will so alot more for you than the bolt throwers will.

hope this helps.

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Thu Aug 07, 2008 9:22 am
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the RBT is always worth its points except in the throne of skulls tournament, dont just look at the statistics thats only half the story, as was said, they make the opponent nervous, hesitant, and they makes sure people think properly about where to place dragons and greater daemons, never leave home without em... except at throne of skulls in which case leave them at home.

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Thu Aug 07, 2008 10:47 am
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Joined: Mon Jul 21, 2008 5:46 am
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Hmm your post has made me reconsider my list.

As for the RBT's, when deployed on a hill, make an excellent countermeasure against scouts, since they can draw LOS to anything in your deployment zone.

Thu Aug 07, 2008 11:12 am
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RBT are actually some of the best war machines in the game. In my last game, they took care of a unit of Black Knights, a corpse cart and two units of direwolves. That was roughly 400 points. They also keep large targets under control as they have the ability to wound tough models and negate their armor saves. Keep them for now and see how you like them.

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Thu Aug 07, 2008 3:22 pm
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