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CoS rewrite ||| What way should the project go? 
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Hey guys welcome to the first subforum...

It will adress the most important question, which has already been discuissed a lot, but obviusly we didn't get definite answers.

Should we go with a Slaaneshi demon pact?

Elves and mortal pact?

Or no slaanesh at all and go with the cult of pleasure list?

There has been a lot of good things said about including deamon, but most people didn't like mortals. With exceptions on both sides, of course.

I persoanlyl think we shoudl go with elves and deamons, as it still reflects the original list well and fits in more fluffwise personally.

Let the mini poll begin (as in state what you like and why) all comments welcome =)

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I put this in the other thread, but it fits here too, so this is my view of the Cult.

I’ve had plenty of ideas on the new Cult, but as we seem to all agree that Fluff-Rules equality is essential, I will start with what my idea for the Cult should be. Note that I didn’t get to read lots of the original fluff, so this is just what I perceive it should be like.

I see the Cult as being a sort of typical underground Cult, shunned by orthodox DE as they worship Khaine and stuff, but this cult is essentially Slaanesh being worshipped by Dark Elves. Even if under another guise (like the cult of pleasure) it is still Slaanesh that is being worshipped.

I see the Cult army on the battlefield as being simply another factor of Slaanesh’s plans, an army that he has sent to fight for whatever reason. He does this through the sorceress’s (explained later). Either that or it is the Cult independently deciding to go raiding for more wealth for their Cult Temple or something.

As has already been pointed out, it seems most people agree that most Dark Elves would not willingly submit to having a Mark of Slaanesh imprinted on their flesh as they are very haughty and would not like the idea of total obedience to a god and an obvious mark appealing at all. Plus, they are an underground cult and that sort of mark could make them targets.
So I see regular DE coming to the Cult and worshipping Slaanesh but not wanting to get TOO dedicated to Slaanesh and need a way out in case things turn bad. This is done through the Cult Sorceresses. Essentially, the Cult Sorceresses/Leaders/Priestesses ARE actually dedicated to Slaanesh and have Marks (powerful enough to avoid hassles from other DE and able to stay underground generally). The other Dark Elves can then join the cult, and worship Slaanesh but without having any Marks and with the option to desert and let the Sorceresses take the fall. Slaanesh knows all this, and so uses the Sorceresses (who he is actually able to influence) to control all the other Dark Elves in the cult. Slaanesh allows this sort of back-door option to the regular DE as he knows their nature and sees this as the best way to deal with it and expand his following, despite the non-total committal nature of it.
The other benefit of this marriage is that the Cult’s Sorceresses can summon Slaaneshi demons with Slaanesh’s blessing, beneficial for both the Sorceresses army (extra manpower and muscle) and Slaanesh (more of his demons running around reality).
Sorceresses can only hold the demons in reality for a short space of time though due to the massive energy it requires, an intrinsic positive for Slaanesh as it means no one from the Dark Elves is going to gain more than a temporary power over some of his subjects.

So, that is my view of the direction the Cult of Slaanesh should be sort of heading in, and think its quite good. It allows all Slaaneshi Demons, no chaos mortals, leaves a little middleground for Anointed and suchlike and gives a justification for regular DE soldiers joining the cult.

Anyone else want to use this as our general background idea?


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