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1,500pts Tower of Blessed Dread List 
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Evening all.

I'm new to Dark Elves and have been bandying about with plans for a Fellheart led force, and through feedback on another website we've come up with what seems like a good balanced list themed around the Black Ark the Tower of Blessed Dread. I'd like to know what you folks here at Druchii.net think about it.


Black Ark Corsairs of the Tower of Blessed Dread

Lokhir Fellheart, Captain of the Tower of Blessed Dread w. The Red Blades, Sea Dragon Cloak, Heavy Armour, Helm of the Kraken. – 250 pts

Cruithne, Sorceress w. 2 Dispel Scrolls. – 150 pts

Severus, Battle Standard Bearer Master w. Armour of Darkness, Great Weapon. – 134pts

Black Ark Corsairs x 19 w. Full Command, Banner of Murder. (Joined by Fellheart) – 240 pts

Black Ark Corsairs x 19 w. Full Command, War Banner. (Joined by Severus) – 240 pts

Repeater Crossbowmen x 10 w. Shields (Joined by Cruithne) – 110 pts

Dark Riders x 5 w. Repeater Crossbows, Musician. – 117 pts

Harpies x 6. – 66 pts

Shades x 5 w. Great Weapons – 90 pts

Reaper Bolt Thrower – 100 pts

1,497 pts

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Wed Feb 04, 2009 9:12 pm
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Somewhat statcic with minimal shooting.

OK. I would say split one of the corsair blocks in 2, run 2x10 corsairs with reivers and musos only.

Drop the RBT for another unit of RXB with shields. The single RBT isn't going to do much and is quite vulnerable. RXB can be used more aggressively and hold their own in melee so don't need protection.

DRs are fine, but as a heavier hammer to help out your quite static army I would drop them for a unit of 5 CoKs with a muso. Its an extra 23 points, but well worth it for the mobility and intimidation value. (plus they can eat fish unlike DR :) )

You could add the pearl of infinite bleakness to the BSB to make his unit imune to pshycology, or a combination like the armour of eternal servitude and soulrender for a harder hitting magic weapon character. In either case he can start in felheart's unit to make it truely frightening.

You can drop a harpy or a couple corsairs out of Felheart's unit if you need extra points.

Now, what I would do is drop Felheart's corsair block for a spear block with the war banner (saves about 60 points) drop the BSB, add a lvl 2 sorc and add a lvl to your caddie for a second lvl 2 sorc. Druchii magic is wonderful and black arks are magical so it makes reasonable sense. Felheart isn't required to be a corsair unit, and spears are a much better CF unit that corsairs. The smaller blocks of corsairs flanking and slaving the enemy while felheart hits them frontally is still quite fluffy.

All just thoughts of course, up to you what you do.

"Luck is the residue of design"

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Wed Feb 04, 2009 10:41 pm
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Welcome among Corsairs, mate! Welcome in D.net, as this is your first post (after the "who we are" presentation).
Today is a good day for D.net and especially the Brotherhood of the Coast, for we gained a new member. :)

Very fluffy list. :mrgreen:
Beware not to sacrifice efficiency to too much fluff.
Let's analyse the list.

Terror general, BSB, scroll caddy,
2 big infantry with banners,
3 agile units, quite diverse,
nice shooting
minimal but honest anti-magic,
1 terror source.

Both corsair units are going to be strong in melee, especially against low armoured foes for which it will be a carnage. Good use of the banners.
The trouble will come from heavy cavalry. They will kill corsairs on the charge quite easily and their tough armour will not be cut by the survivors.
Another difficulty will come when facing a strong bullet gunline such as dwarve's, which will take a heavy toll on them as well.

DR and harpies cannot stand shooting, but they are excellent to hunt warmachines. They can shape the battlefield. You don't have many of them. You'll love them, as long as they stay alive.
Harpies are not efficient in melee except against warmachines, but they screen efficiently the army.
DR are better on the charge and they provide a well apreciated side supporting charge. They can harass an opponent with their MXB, however, do not expect miracles. Beware of shooters.

Shades with GW are the best can-openers and can threaten cavalry from a wood. Their shooting is scarce but excellent. But very fragile, you must hide them, especially since they are your only high strength attackers.

Your shooting, coming from MXB, shades, DR and RBT is diverse. Not very heavy, though.
MXB with shields are perfectly able to give a hand in melee. You can select to advance in company with the main body of your troops. A musician would be useful.

The difficulty you may face is that your army is good against horde armies (with Lokhir and the corsairs) but not that good against a more elite one.
I regret to say that there may be too many corsairs for the same role.

Would you consider to drop Severus and his unit of corsairs?

With the spare points,
- you could take a smaller unit of 10 corsairs with rhb (good against light troops - annoying for the opponent - easy to sacrifice - well in the fluff, too);
- you could try to squeeze an assassin (his ASF with KB can take care of the charging heavy cavalry),
- or have a second unit of harpies (these beasts serve to shape the battlefield to your needs)
- or you could accept to go more static with a second RBT (more threatening for big beasts).

Welcome again,
have fun,
and bring us back some new slaves!
(EDIT: :? Rabidnid managed to squeeze his post just before I could review one last time my post and hit the Submit button... I keep writing too long posts...)

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Wed Feb 04, 2009 10:44 pm
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Lord of the Dragon Caves
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As both Rabidnid and Calisson suggest, you might be better off splitting up one of the big Corsair blocks into 2 units of 10.

Also, as Calisson suggests, you could drop a character to get more points for troops. A second unit of Harpies as Calisson suggests or a second unit of Dark Riders would both be useful.

But I wouldn't necessarily drop the BSB to get those points. Instead, I would dump your scroll-caddy sorceress. You are unlikely to face really devastating magic at th 1500 point level anyway. I would either go completely naked on magic defense, or stick the Ring of Hotek on your BSB.

Almost forgot -- I like themed lists! And this one has a good strong theme.

Truly These are the End Times ...

Wed Feb 04, 2009 11:58 pm
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Thanks for the advice guys, I shall certainly try out your thoughts within the army, its good to get advice from experienced generals.

I've already got most of the list bought so I'll most likely experiment with your ideas beyond the basic army.

"And when he shall die, cut him out into little stars;
And he will make the face of Heaven so fine;
That all the world will fall in Love with the night;
And pay no worship to the Garish sun." - Romeo and Juliet.

Sat Feb 07, 2009 9:46 pm
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