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Samurai Army - Advice needed on Tactics! 
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I've knocked up a 1500pt list of a Druchii based Samurai army-see my 'Last Samurai' post on the army list forum. On the recomendation of Calisson (What a Gent! :D ), I've started this thread to ask for help on what tactics this army should use, its deployment and setup, use and deployment of terrain etc. The limitations on the army are self imposed to make it as realistic as posible while maintaining that Druchii look and feel. The army list is good to go and is as follows:

Master, 2 Null Talismens, Soulrender, HA, SDC.
Assassin 1, AHW, Manbane, Rending Stars
Assassin 2, AHW,

2X5 DR, RXB, Musician (Will be COK on horses for the right look, no shields though!)
2X10 RXB with Musician

5 Ninjas-Shades, GW's (Assassin 1 in here)
13 Samurai-BG, with FC and RoH, SoHG (Master in here) 264
7 Samurai-Execs with FC (Assassin 2 in here) 114


My common enemies will be Tomb Kings (from the GF) and anybody at the local GW store. My intial thought were to screen the Execs and BG with the Militia RXB (they aren't getting shields because the Samurai didn't really use them and I can't find the points for them :lol: . I'll try to shoot as much as possible for as long as possible. Try and bottleneck the enemy and funnel them into the BG and flank charge with Execs. Shades and Assassin 1 will WM and mage hunt. The DR will flank and delay as much as they can, they will also WM and Mage Hunt where possible. I know I'm vunerable to shooting and magic as Calisson pointed out on the other thread, so the Shades, DR and Assassin 1 are quite key to my survival.

Any thought on tactics for this army are gladly welcomed thanks! :D

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Tue Mar 10, 2009 12:40 pm
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So we've got a 1500pts army with:
- heavy shooting with 2 MXB + 2 RBT, with a small complement from shades, 2 DR and a starassassin: this is the best factor of this army
- no magic, little magic resistance except for the BG and in a 12" radius around them.
- 2 small infantry units which are hitting very hard but have little SCR (Static Combat Resolution), and a complementary shade tiny unit able to side-charge heavy cavalry. Excellent ACR (Active CR), weak SCR.
- the mobility is low, all units being infantry save the 2 DR, no flyer, 2 RBT cannot shoot and move.
- vulnerability to psychology, only the BG being ITP.

Tactics 1: gunline
With these factors in mind, if the enemy has no heavy shooting, he will loose the missile attrition war and is forced to attack ; even if the enemy is magic-heavy, the BG can line up in front of the execs behind and shield them from magic.

A magic line taking advantage of the ROH would look like that:


(where * is the ring, at 11" from the closest MXB)
In case the enemy gets close, the BG and Exe reform and each take charge of 1/2 of the threat. Shades & DR will have march-blocked to delay this to happen too soon.
Watch out, this may not be enough against Bretonian lances. The side-charge from shades & assassin will be important against them.

Tactics 2: charge the light opponent
Alternative: if you want to get at the enemy, in case he is shooty/magic heavy. In that case, you're talking about an enemy with no good melee ability.
There you take the same line as above. While the DR and shades suicide-charge the warmachines and magic users, the rest of the line, including MXB but excluding RBT, rushes forwards. The opposing light troops with one or two hard guards should be no match in melee.

Tactics 3: manoeuvre around the big opponent
In case the opponent has big blocks with a high SCR, then the elite troops will not be able to kill enough troops to overcome that. It becomes essential to cancel the SCR. This is the role of the DR, which become your most precious unit for the ability to sidecharge easily, and must hide away from shooting.
In the meanwhile, BG and Execs position to try to get a charge.
In case the opponent causes fear, there is a risk of loosing a couple of charges. Try to charge with everyone at one unit at a time.

That's all I can come up with by now.

Can any tactics adept in D.net jump in and develop?

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Tue Mar 10, 2009 1:46 pm
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