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Tournament List: 2250 pt Black Arc Corsair Army 
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I would like your input in the following army. It will be used for a small tourney and there is a possibility that it will face: Skaven, Orcs and Goblins, Empire, Ogre Kingdoms, Chaos, Lizardmen, Wood Elves, Undead, Tomb Kings.

Army consists of 2250 pt and will have something like:

Lokhir Fellheart 250 pt
Supreme Sorceress (pendant, black staff, pegasus) 365 pt
Sorceress (2x null talisman) 202 pt
Master (around 200 pt)

20 Black Ark Corsairs (Reaver, Musician, Banner, rpt handbow) 228 pt
6 COK (Champion) 172 pt
6 COK (Champion, Ring of Hotek) 203 pt
5 Dark Riders (RC, Shield) 115 pt
5 Dark Riders (RC, Shield) 115 pt
6 Harpies 66 pt
War Hydra 175 pt
War Hydra 175 pt

CP 7, DP 5

Some questions:
Should I give the master an always strike first banner and put it in the Black Arc Corsairs or put him with Caledor's Bane in a COK unit

Should I drop the sorceress, supreme sorceress and go heavy hitting by taking a lord on black dragon (pendant, crimson death, armor of eternal servitude) dropping CP and DP to 2?

I would appreciate some input

What do you mean we need a battle plan? Charging into the army is the battle plan.

Tue May 12, 2009 8:50 am
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First of all yay corsairs and lokhir!

I would suggest a scroll instead of the null talismans, but either way you have good magical defense.

Drop the shields on the dark riders for musicians, unless you have a plan for them.

I'd suggest one more cosair for a 3x7 unit, how where you planning to use them. I am also liking handbows in large units, some will say its tactical blaspehmy but I disagree.

You have plenty of heavy hitters, but only one block that isn't a good anvil. Where is the sorceress going? The master isn't necessary and you've already spent alot on charcters.

I like your magic, i'd keep it. Spend to points saved to invest in more bodies.

Thats my 2p. Personally I like this list and good luck with it.

(°°) Cthulhu themed corsairs FTW!
/()\ Brotherhood of the Coast!

Wed Jul 15, 2009 12:28 am
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lokhir fellheart isnt really worth the points, if its a theme thing that you absolutely must have then thats cool. BUt hes too overpriced for what he does. perhaps use the model for you master (if hes unmounted).

and definitely drop the shields on the DR.

I'm not sure if making them frenzy is a good idea,(but then thye gotta be xtra handweapon) as they are so many points.... but then that would make them very useful against armies like skaven and VC who use lots of light troops.

i would drop the ring.. its going to impair your own magic in which you have invested heavily. Will the second sorc be going with the corsairs? if your looking to have help you defensively then i'd go for seal of ghrond and one null tally, give you extra versatility with your dispel dice.

Wed Jul 15, 2009 7:49 am
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few things.....

first of all, like Darkangel16 said, the RoH is only gonna get in the way of ur own magic, i would suggest droppin it and using the points elsewhere.

next, i have to agree to drop the shields. the extra +1 AS is not worth losing the models as fast cav, u just lose too many bonuses and they become (in my opinion) almost useless, and more importantly they will NOT be able to perform there usual role. swap the shields for a muso, much better option IMO

also, as much as it would change the composition of ur army a lot, it looks like ur relyin too much on good stupidity tests, considerin two of ur mobile hammer units are just 6 CoK. I would suggest droppin the champions from both (unless u intend to put the master in one, in that case keep it for acceptin unwatned challenges), and maybe even droppin one whole unit and gettin some BG??

i LOVE the idea of a black ark themed army, so as much as i think Lokhir isnt worth the points, i reckon keep him anyway =). though i think that the DR especially are just wasted points if they arent fast cav, so they need to change, and if the CoK go stupid wen u need them most (which they inevitably do) then ur losing a big hitting unit. So mayb another infantry unit as an anvil for the hydras and CoK?? the points from the CoK with RoH should give u a small unit of BG, beefed up with ASF they should be ok.

hope that wasnt too negative =P awesome idea tho =) =)

Wed Jul 15, 2009 9:56 am
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I'd rather have the large corsair unit with AHW and SSS.
An eventual large corsair unit is to be given either the warbanner or the AP banner.

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Wed Jul 15, 2009 3:24 pm
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