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Cult of Slaanesh - Art 
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[To moderators - I placed this topic here in the ideas forum together with other CoS topics, though if you believe it should go to painting & modelling forum or elsewhere, feel free to move it]

This is the place for all the graphics, paintings and drawings suitable for our future Cult of Slaanesh AB. (Miniature photos have their own separate topic here) After all, who deserves beautiful art more than the army of the Pleasure God? ;) The rules are almost finished, but it's just not the same to have few text-only pages in your hands as fully-blown colorful book, equally pleasant to look at as to use. :)

Now, here's a bit of formal stuff:


The main purpose of this topic is to have all needed art in one place. To maintain clearity all post should follow below rules:

1. Please post pictures rather than indirect links.

2. Size of the pictures placed shouldn't exceed 800 pixels on any dimension (in other words it should fit in 800x800 pixel square)

3. However, it would be good if the original resolution of the file was considerably bigger - good quality printing resolution is a couple of times bigger than that of the on-screen viewing (and the aim is to have both 'light' .pdf version of AB for digital use, as well as 'quality' printable one).

4. Please give info on the original size of the picture when posting the '800-pixel thumbnail' (you can also give linke to the full-sized file if you want to).

There's plenty of place for art in our future AB, so any art you'll post here will be almost certainly used, if only it fullfills following four requirements:

1. Its subject fits our project. That's quite broad considering that CoS forces consist of mix of druchii, daemons and Chaos mortals. Almost anything Slaanesh-themed (well... except 40K maybe ;) ) will fit and, as we cannot use any existing GW art, pictures of Dark Pegasus, Cold Ones, etc will also be useful.

2. It's not too hardcore. Considering that we're talking about Slaanesh here I thought this requires separate mention. :roll: It doesn't mean that we need to censor nudity, but let's keep it art for Army Book and not hardcore porn comic, ok? ;)

3. It fits the general style of 6/7th ed Warhammer art. That's also quite broad, as this varies as much as works of Paul Dainton, Mark Gibbons or John Blanche. Still, Warhammer-style has it's limits - cartoons, manga, linear drawings in secession style won't fit (BTW also large part of 3rd ed WFB pictures wouldn't fit current style).

4. It maintains acceptable quality. Now, probably none of us has skills and experience of Alex Boyd or Karl Kopinski (though if you do, you're input would be most appreciated ;) ), but still we need to keep some level in what we put in. This means that in some cases the author might be asked for some corrections and some works might be simply left out (though I hope that won't happen).

Speaking of corrections - as pictures published here are effect of hard work and we all also have chance to comment on others work it's important to keep some things in mind:

1. When commenting on other people's work:
- if you criticise the picture, give the reasons why you don't like it.
- the same is true for positive comments 'OMG :shock:' or 'Wow! It's brilliant!' is much nicer for the author than 'It sucks!' but all of these don't help him to improove his work in any way.
- be honest, but polite. The first part is obvious - don't say that you like the picture when you don't. But remember that honesty is not an excuse for rudness. 'I don't like this one, it's too sketchy for my taste' is both nicer and more informative than 'To be honest, I can't even make out what this crap is supposed to be.'

2. When it's your artwork being spoken about:
-Be open to critiqueNo matter how hard you've work on your picture and how good it is there are probably still aspects in which it can be better. Or it can simply not fit some people's tastes. Considering their opinion certainly won't hurt, even if you decide to disagree afterwards.
-Remember that opinion is about work, not you.That's very simple, yet often forgot: a critique of your work, even a harsh one, simply show's that someone doesn't like your one particular picture, style maybe. It sill is nothing personal.

Ok, so much for rules and disclaimers, now it's time for you to post some pictures. ;) Be it beautiful, disturbing or surreal - all that brings pleasure brings glory to Slaanesh! ;)


To have something to start with, here are two of mine: (I plan to do other graphics for CoS too, though at the moment, with full-time work and studies to finish by the end of next month this has to wait for a while - all time I can spare for this project goes in it's other parts currently)

Daemonette Portrait (full photo size: 4347x6280, though I still have the original litography, so can make bigger one if I get my hands on better camera).

Supreme Sorceress (originally created for Masthead Competition)(original size:2568x900)

Join the Pink side! ;)

7th ed Cult of Slaanesh
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Tue Aug 11, 2009 10:17 pm
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