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Tournament report from Skulls 09 
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Joined: Sun Nov 09, 2003 9:57 am
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Hey all. I recently attended a 2250 point tournament called Skulls, and thought I would try to write up a bit of a report. My memory is a bit hazy, so I havent done a turn-by-turn dictation, more of an overall recap.

Skulls was the first local tournament to try out a fresh comp system. It worked quite well and seemed to result in a few friendlier armies showing up. There were 46 players, so it was a pretty decent size.

This is the list I took:

Supreme Sorceress w/ Dark Pegasus , lvl 4 upgrade , Lifetaker , Focus Familiar , Pendant of Khaeleth - 400
Master w/ Cold One , Lance, Heavy Armour, Shield, BSB - 135
Sorceress w/ lvl 2 upgrade, Dispel Scroll, Tome of Furion - 175

19 Spearmen w/ Shields , Standard, Musician - 142*
* Assassin w/ Extra Hand Weapon , Rune of Khaine , Touch of Death , Cloak of Twilight - 171
10 Repeater Crossbowmen w/ Shields - 110
5 Dark Riders w/ Repeater Crossbows , Musician - 117
5 Dark Riders w/ Repeater Crossbows , Musician - 117
5 Harpies - 55

14 Black Guard w/ Full Command, Standard of Hag Graef , Null Talisman- 267
5 Cold One Knights w/ Full Command - 175
6 Shades w/ Great Weapons - 108

War Hydra - 175
Reaper Bolt Thrower - 100

Its very mobile, and can put out a decent amount of firepower. The shooting phase took me a little by surprise this tournament. I wasnt expecting much but the sheer number of shots (when concentrating fire) was able to do quite a bit of damage.

General plan was to hold the center with the RXB, Spears, RBT and BG while anchoring a flank with the Hydra, and rolling the other flank with remaining units.

Anyways, report from the first day of the tournament coming up!

Sun Oct 04, 2009 2:54 pm

Joined: Sun Nov 09, 2003 9:57 am
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Location: Perth, WA
Game 1 vs Tomb Kings

First game was a grudge match against one of the better players in my area. He normally takes Daemons and has won about 4 tournaments over the last year or so. Was expecting a very tough game to start, and it didnt disappoint. He took a King on Chariot, 3 Liche Priests, 15 Bowmen, 2 units of Light Horsemen, 2 units of 3 Chariots, 2 Scorpions, 4 Ushabti, a SSC and a Bone Giant. Decent list, but should be beatable.

I refused a flank, sending my BG, COK's, Harpies, Lvl4 and a unit of Dark Riders down one side. The RBT was hiding in a forest, while the Hydra and second unit of DR's made up the other flank. He placed both Scorpion markers about 10" in front of my refused flank. The terrain helped me out a bit aswell, as there was a nice hill near the middle of the table, which helped me to hide from his SSC. I advanced most of my army up early on, although careful to make sure the Scorpions would pop up in front of my units. One Scorpion died from a tunnel mishap (luckily!), the other one popped up and piled into my Shades plus Assassin. The Assassin couldnt crack the T5 of the Scorpion and the unit was eaten up. I killed the Scorpion quickly the following turn, before it could cause too much trouble.

Meanwhile on my open flank, his King and both units of chariots were trying to flank my center. I was baiting him with my Spearmen and RXB's, but he managed to get through a movement spell which sent the Kings unit into the flank of my COK's. Luckily my BSB was on the flank they charged, and once he had absorbed the impact hits (again, luckily!) he called out a challenge to minimise the attacks coming his way. The BSB managed to survive unwounded (much to my opponents chargrin) and dished two wounds back to the Kings chariot. It was enough for the COK's to win the combat, and the next turn my BG slammed into his rear. They wiped out the King in one turn, and my opponent knew he was in dire straights.

My shooting had managed to destroy both units of Light Horsemen, and take the Bone Giant down to below half wounds. I had also managed to pin a couple of solitary wounds on his Liche Priests for valuable VP's. At the start of my 5th turn my Hydra moved into range to flame his SSC, and his wounded Heirophant who had strayed nearby. The Hydra's breath weapon did the deed, and with both the Tomb King and Heirophant dead my opponent conceded the game.

20-0 win to the Dark Elves! Tough game, the BSB combat ended up being critical.

Game 2 vs High Elves

This was my first time playing against HE's, so I wasnt quite sure what to expect. My opponent had a Lvl4 mage with the Book of Hoeth, BSB, Lvl 2, 2 decent sized units of White Lions (led by a special character - Callydron?) and Swordmasters, 2 units of 10 Archers, 2 Bolt Throwers, 2 Great Eagles, 5 Shadow Warriors and 5 Ellyrion Reavers.

The table was very open (a theme for this tournament), so my opponent placed all his shooting units in the center, and sent his hammer blocks (SM and WL) down one extreme flank. I countered by only placing my shooting units opposite his dangerous flank, and set up everything else to gun it towards his gunline. I took a few early casualties from the shooting, but quickly covered the ground and engaged. The Hyrda flamed the Reavers to death and then ate a RBT, while the COK's eliminated his Archer units. Apart from an elusive Great Eagle, the center was mine.

The other flank was an interesting battle. First turn I revealed the Assassin, who quickly used his Cloak of Twilight. My opponent had saved a dice incase of any shenanigans, and considering his +1 to dispell only needed to roll a 2 to stop the bound spell. Naturally enough, he rolled a one and my Assassin was into his Lvl4 mage (in the White Lion unit). He didnt get the KB, but did manage to pile on the three wounds needed to kill him. This gave me magical superiority which made it very hard for my opponent. The following turn Callydron (the Special Character) challenged my Assassin - I got the KB but my opponent made his 4+ ward. Boooo. A combination of shooting and magic managed to wipe out the Swordmasters and the BSB, but not before they accounted for my Shades and RBT. In the end I shoved the BG into the face of his White Lions, and they went about there business.

19-1 win.

Game 3 vs Empire

The first day of this tournament had random seedings, which led to me playing a very inexperienced guy in G3. I think the system in place will be changed as it led to too many bad matchups. The guy I played kept a smile all game long, which would have been hard as he was never in it. He had a fairly well rounded Empire List. Ran a Fighty Lord, 2 Lvl2's, 3 units of Knights, 2 big blocks with 2 detachments each, Pistoliers, 2 units of Handgunners, 2 Cannons and a Hellblaster.

My Lvl4 rolled up Spirit of the Forge and wiped out two full units of Knights in the first two turns. The Shades + Assassin scouted right near one Cannon and duly despatched it, along with some Handgunners. My COK's advanced up his center and had soon punched a whole through to his backfield. The Hydra marched up into the face of the Great Cannon and Hellblaster - ballsy, but I had Word of Pain off on the Hellblaster, so I was only worried about the Cannon. It missed, the Hellblaster only did one wound form 20 shots - not enough, and the Hydra cleaned house. Bottom of turn three both his main blocks fled off the board from panic, and he called it a game.

20-0 win.

End of day one and I was sitting pretty on 59/60 battle points, and set up for a huge fall from grace on day 2. :lol:

Sun Oct 04, 2009 2:55 pm

Joined: Sun Nov 09, 2003 9:57 am
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So day two rolled around, and having a bit of a chat to the other players, I had a fair idea of who I would be playing. And true enough, I would be playing Aggro (he has his tournament report up here: http://www.druchii.net/viewtopic.php?t=63183 - check it out its very good) and his infantry Dark Elves.

Game 4 vs Dark Elves

He was running a Pendant/Regen Lord, Hag with Cauldron, Lvl1 with the Ring, 4*10 units of RHB Corsairs, 2 Chariots, 2 RBTs, 5 Harpies and a big block of Executioners (with ASF Hag BSB) and Witch Elves.

Aggro deployed his 40 Corsairs in long lines along his deployment zone, effectively screening his whole army from my shooting. They proved to be very troublesome to get rid of, the 4+ save really thwarting my attempts to get through to his expensive Witch Elves and Exectioners. He anchored his lines with a Chariot at either end, his Hydra on his right flank (as I look at it) and the 2 Bolt Throwers in a woods on his left. I deployed my Hydra and a DR unit on the left flank, anchored my center with the infantry and sent the COK's, DR's, Harpies and Lvl4 down the right flank. My Shades (with Assassin) scouted nearby the BT battery.

On my left flank the Hydra and Dark Riders moved up, while the Assassin popped out and the Shades moved up to engage the RBT's next turn. Aggro countered this by moving his Dreadlord into the closest RBT, slowing my advance down. I split the Assassin from the Shades, and moved him to charge the unsupported RBT the next turn. In the end shooting killed off the Shades, and although the Dreadlord charged the Assassin, he got a Killing Blow past the Pendant (huge win!) and sauntered off into the RBT's. Took the best part of 4 turns, but was proberly my MVP of the game.

Meanwhile, his center advanced up towards my firebase, with the Corsairs shrugging the majority of the shooting. My Hydra wiped out his Harpies early on (they were prepping to charge my RBT), and was a constant threat that Aggro couldnt ignore. I killed the left Chariot through shooting, but not before it killed my Lvl4's Dark Pegasus (note to self, always check chariot flee paths when declaring charges... :P). On the right flank my COK's advanced up to threaten his flanks, but ended up being flamed to death by Aggros Hydra. The Standard Bearer was the sole survivor, and duly hid behind a hill for the rest of the game. :D

The round was nearing time and the game was on a knifes edge. My Hydra managed to flame a unit of Witch Eves down to a single model, but Aggro had his revenge as that single WE took advantage of her 360 LOS and charged my Lvl4 - I had a chance with the Pendant, but he dealt the final wound needed and my general was dead. My magic was dismal this game, with a total of about 5 miscasts, 2 or 3 of which ended the phase. His Executioners finally saw combat against my Spears, but had a case of the rubber great weapons and I made my break check. The Black Guard copped a fair few shots in the final turns but crucially were above half strength when the game ended.

It ended up being an extremely close result, with Aggro winning by 117 VP's. I always have fantastic games against Aggro, and this was no exception. Very back and forth with no one having a clear edge at any point. I havent seen (or heard) of anyone using Corsairs the way he did, and im keen to try them out for my next list. They would be perfect to screen the BG with.

8-12 loss

Game 5 vs Vampire Counts

This was my first time playing the new Vampire counts, so I was a little concerned going into this game - Ive heard a lot of bad things about them. My opponent was running a Lvl3 Vamp Lord, a lvl2 Vamp with the Helm, a lvl1 Ethereal Vamp, 20 Grave Guard, 5 Wraiths, 2*5 Dire Wolves, 2*15 Ghouls, and a few units of Skeletons.

My opponent admitted to me after the game that he has no idea how to win against Dark Elves, and as a result played a very defensive game. He castled in his deployment zone, only sending his Wraiths forward. This played into my hands as I was able to focus all my magic onto the Wraiths, while manouvering my COK and DR up the left flank, and the Hydra up the right. I killed most of the Wraiths (plus the Vamp), but they did make it into combat with my RBT, killing it and hiding in a wood till games end.

My opponent made a critical mistake on turn two, when he didnt realign his Skeleton block near my COK's. This allowed me the charge the Skellies in the flank with Dark Riders and the front with the Knights. They obliterated the unit, with the Knights overunning into the flank of the Grave Guard. At this point I committed the Hydra to combat with the Helm Vamp, to stop the Grave Guard from using his WS6. The COK's took two turns to chew through the GG, at which point my opponent conceded. There was a bit of "deer in the headlights" about this game. I presented a lot of options quickly, and my opponent just didnt react to them.

20-0 win

Game 6 vs Vampire Counts

Going into the final game, im sitting second on battle points and playing on table one. My opponent is a tournament vet who I have had some great games with over the years. He took a Lvl3 Vamp Lord with Helm, Lvl2 Vamp, Lvl1 Vamp, a Necro on a Corpse Cart, 20 Grave Guard, Varghulf, 5 Wraiths, 4 Fell Bats, 6 Black Knights, 2*15 Ghouls and 2*15 Skeletons. Solid list - Wraiths priority number one again, along with the Varghulf and Bats.

The left flank saw my COK's, Dark Riders and Harpies facing off against his Black Knights. The right flank had the Hydra, Dark Riders and Shades facing off against the Varghulf and Bats, with everything else in the centers.

I seized the first turn, quickly setting up traps for his Black Knights on the left flank. The Dark Riders and Harpies worked to keep the BK's out of the game completely, with the DR's only dying on the final turn (the only combat the Knights saw). Once again all my early magic went onto the Wraiths, cutting the unit in half. The Wraiths got out of dodge and went right to support the Varghulf. My shooting was doing little damage, only taking out a few Ghouls. My opponent advanced up with the whole army, with the Varghulf charging the Shades, and the Bats prepping to charge my RBT. The Shades and Assassin died to a man, but managed to take the beast below half wounds - not a great trade off, but they kept it occupied the whole game so thats a win. The Bats were luckily annihilated by one turns shooting, saving me from a big problem.

In the following turns I poured more magic into the Wraiths, culling them down to one model with a single wound. My opponent gambled and charged the Hydra (who was threatening his flanks), hoping to raise more up in his magic phase. I managed to shut it down, they Hydra won via outnumbering and he was free to cause more havoc. Meanwhile my COK's had charged one of his depleted Skeleton blocks, and just managed to punch through on the charge (one less CR and I would have been trapped with my flank partially open to the BK's). This took them into his Corpse Cart, which soon crumbled to dust.

My opponent was down and needed to go for it. He pushed all his troops forward, getting ready for a final charge. I managed to shut down his raise magic again and it was looking grim for him. My BG charged into a block of Skellies with a BSB and the Hydra managed to get a sneaky rear charge on his Grave Guard. Over the next two turns both units were ground down to under half (the Skellies had the Regen banner so were difficult to kill) and although he spammed single dice raises in the final turn, he couldnt get them above half and the game ended.

15-5 win.

So the tournament was over and I had finished up on 102/120 battle points, winning 5 of the 6 games. Very happy with the result, although playing against some of the older books you can really feel the differences in the lists power. I ended up taking out the Best General award, and finished 3rd overall. All told it was a great weekend. My army wasnt completely painted, so the lost points might have been the difference in taking it out. More motivation to get it done I guess! :lol:

Sun Oct 04, 2009 5:05 pm
Slave on the Altar

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Quite the showing, and congrats on best general!

Mon Oct 05, 2009 5:18 pm
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