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Tactics Vs Tomb Kings 
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I have an upcoming battle vs a slightly noobish TK player, I am not sure of his list and we havn't decided on the size but it will be between 2 and 3k.

I know he will have a:
4+ ward
2+ armour save
on foot

40 skeletons
40 Skeletons (spears)
6 Chariots
6 Chariots

maybe a casket

There will be other stuff but he said he is keeping it a secret against me, he has a small vendetta against me because of several crushing defeats I have inflicted.
I need help because I have no idea how to fight a static war like the Tomb Kings, I know they are unbreakable and cause fear so an unlucky roll could cost me the game.
I am thinking lore of shadow with the sac dagger to either lower his T and whittle them down via shooting or for Pit of Shades.
And to counter his chariots maybe knights or hydra(s).
any help at all will go along away. Thanks guys

Wed May 02, 2012 11:06 pm
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A very skilled TK player should be able to beat a moderately skilled DE player... if he is lucky. if you are more experienced than your opponent he should have no chance baring divine intervention tbh. TK are incredibly weak compared to us.

none of their units provides any real challenge to us except possibly the uber-buffed death star of TG with characters and magic. however, that can be handled like any other death star. The sphixes could be killed by pit/sun but good old fashioned RXBs will do as well. they do not have very many wounds, and they can not be healed effectively either.

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Thu May 03, 2012 5:22 am
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You shouldnt have many problems with them.
As we have high Ld so dont worry to much about the casket.
As Tsunami says the spinx's can be taken down by Rxb's due to only having a 5+ save and being wounded on 6's.
They cant march and when i play with my Tomb kings if my oppentant stops my spells going off i find that tomb kings start to go down hill really quick.
He might have some knights in there as his secret trick. i would just use harpies to mess them around as they do deal a good amount of damage and have a 3+ save. Then flank charge them.
Other than that they are T3 and with 5/6+ armour saves. so Rxbs do well.
Watch out for the Flameing banner on a unit of chariots if your using a hyrda.
Let us know how you do.

Thu May 03, 2012 8:31 am
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The only real problem TK can cause dark elves (any elite t3 army) is having many hordes of archers (say 3units of 40) with that spell that doubles shots and their version of the pre-faq'ed power scroll. These whittle you down but force you to come to them, thereby mitigating one of their big weaknesses (no marching). When you get to them they act as an anvil. They have some good hammers as well. Having said that, dark elves can outshoot them with many, many rxb's and then it is bad times for TK once more.

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Thu May 03, 2012 2:52 pm
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I also play TK myself. As druchii you should not worry too much...
Monsters: shoot them with xbows, with their low save and wounds, they'll go down quickly.

Casket-have Ld 10 and stay in range of you're general, and let him cast it. Just be mindful of your hydras, becaause if they'll leave the generals bubble they could be in trouble due to lower leadership and losing a few wounds will really hurt them.

His archers could hurt you...and watch out if he plays a chunky unit of tomb guard with a king, because they'll go to WS6.

Watch out for the chariots. They'll be the only thing that can really threaten you...they will inflict 3D6 S5 hits per unit on the charge, enough to turn elves to lawn trimmings....send a hydra their way.

Magic. Let the casket through. But, make sure you dispel their +1 attack bubble and 5+ ward save bubble. And if he casts the -D3 tougness and str spell from the nehekhara lore, dispel it too ! It is nasty !

Lastly, if he take catapults, watch out because they are cheap, cause panic and flaming hits and can easily snipe a hydra. Send harpies to kill the crew and hope he doesn't hit a hydra by then.

Sat May 05, 2012 10:44 am
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