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the rebirth of Ereth Khial 
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Reading Khaine we get the information that the high elf princess Eldyra (i think thats the spelling) has become Ereth Khial (the elven goddess of the underworld) and has reconstructed her realm using the many souls of dead Elves that Slaanesh was unable to devour. While this may be an interesting tip bit in itself, the short entry about the goddess (P44 Dark Elf Army Book) does seem to indicate this may have some implications for our new Eternity King and the Dark Elves post end times.

In relation to the dark elves, it is noted that she is a much-courted deity in naggaroth and she is opposed to Asyran's creation ). It is noted that to dark elves she presents the one form of salvation from slaanesh and that this is differnt to high elves and wood elves that attempt this by binding souls to trees and waystones. in these regards Ereth Khial may present with a powerful influence in elven society that prevents the dark elves merging with their fellow elven kindreds beneath the rule of the eternity king. indeed service to Ereth Kail may even be a motivator in letting things get too cosy generally or even a more major player in the elven pantheon post end times.

In relation To Malekith there is the story about Ereth Kahail having tried to seduce Asyran and having been spurned and banished. then again it is said that she sees in Malekith 'a Consort whose ruthlesseness is fit to match her own' and has sorn that it is he who will one day lead her final vengeful assault on creation. Given that Malekith has played the role of Asyran in the end times and there is the whole theme of history repeating this looks like it could be a very fertile plot hook for the future. A Malekith bound to the lore of shadow between two incarnate godesses; on one hand Allarielle/Isha/Life and on the other Eldyra/Ereth Khial/Death or Darkness seeking to influence him in their various ways. Given that Morathi is no longer around to spread her corrupting influence over Malekith it does seem very fitting that another should rise to thwart whatever do gooding plans Teclis has for the king of all elves!

Given that there was no essential need for GW to have included the story of Eldyra becoming Ereth Khail, it looks a lot to me that this part was planned and inserted into the background prposefully. My hope is that this may pave the way for what dark elves may be in the future with without posession of ulthuan and a widow maker to fight over. If this is realised or not i dont know but the more look at it the more i want to include it in my army background!

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Eldyria is described in ET:K p. 117, 141 & 143.
P.117, we learn that when Nagash sucked Death Magic from the vortex, it destroyed Ereth Khial which remains were then bounded to Eldyra.
Progressively, Eldyra took the former role of Ereth Khial.

Ereth Khial is described in DE AB p.44.
A rumour says that during the End Times, she will use Malkith's soul. Well, that was a rumour...
You get information also p.51, about her son Nethu who guards the dead's door.
Ereth Khial is also described in HE AB p.45 and WE ab p.50, with little more information.

But the most important is that the goddess Lileath tells to Eldyra the "Rhana Dandra", i.e. the last fight of the gods, see DE AB p.51.
ET:K p.50-51 describes statues in the shape of the Elven gods fighting what seems to be their last fight.
ET:K p.143 mentions Lileath as the lone survivor of the Elven pantheon.
From these pages, I understand that the Elven gods are dead and a new generation of gods will replace them.

In these new roles, we have Eldyra replacing Ereth Khial as the queen of Death.
Malekith has replaced Asuryan.
Alarielle has become the new goddess of Life.

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Thanks Calisson. glad to have you to hand to locate the infor with references. I was slyly posting while on a break at work, i will hvae to check out the bits from the WE and HE books when i am home:)

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Read what Lileath says to Ariel/Isha at the beginning of the book. "I love you like a daughter although you are older. This is meant to be a cycle. Isha is daughter of Lileath of previous cycle. This time, Araloth takes place of Asuryan (it explains why Asuryan is somewhat lacking as a god !lol!). Lileath makes sure there is new cycle. For that she needs lots of woven souls. So she tricks poor little Teclis to hand them to the new goddess of the dead (tutored by Lileath) in -destined to fail- attempt to undo the vortex that destroys the waystone network and sinks Ulthuan in one go. She made sure there will be a sequel. :mrgreen:
Gods' essences vanish from the old world to the next. I do not know where Malekith comes to the equation, if he does. But quite sure this is what the plot is about, more or less.

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Also worth noting that in End Times: Nagash, Eldyra is taken captive during the battle between the undead and the elves, and sired as the first known elven vampire.


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Payce wrote:
Also worth noting that in End Times: Nagash, Eldyra is taken captive during the battle between the undead and the elves, and sired as the first known elven vampire.

The implication is that she becomes a vampire, but she is something substantially different. ET: Khaine suggests that she does not truly become a vampire, but that the remains of Ereth Khial's godly essence became bound to her when Nagash tore the wind of Death out of the vortex. Mannfred von Carstein did not recognise this (indeed, it's unprecedented, and he was focused on taking Nagash's power at the time), but it's outright stated that he would have taken this power for himself if he'd realised what Eldyra was becoming and if given the chance.

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