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1000k Vs WoC with restrictions 
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Hello my fellow dark bretheren

My club has started a WFB campaign using 1000 and 2000 pt armies and I've got a 1000 pointer on monday against WoC with the following restrictions:

* Led by a Hero. There is a 10% points reduction on the cost of steeds.
* Up to 1 further Hero permitted. This may be a level 1 mage.
* Up to 1 Special unit, +1 additional Special unit that has a move greater than 5.
* Up to 1 Rare unit.
* Up to 1 War Machine permitted with an additional 10% points cost for all races other than Dwarves.
* Up to 1 Large Monster or unit of Monstrous Infantry allowed.
* Up to 50 points of Magic Items may be used across the entire army.
* The normal 25% allocation for Lords may be spent on Heroes instead.

The aim is to conquor territory and each peice of territory gives a certain benefit and all players start with two peices generated on a D66. I rolled two of the same number (I don't want to know the odds of that!) and to cut a long story short I can use 200 more points of my allowance on magic items. My opponent is able to re-roll first turn roll off and take an extra 100pts of troops and a bloody Lord! To that end my build is as follows:

Master: Full mundane, Sword of Striking, potion of strength (At least a good round against a nurgle character, that -1 to hit is a biatch), enchanted shield and luckstone.

Sorceress: Tome and Ruby Ring. I want Word of Pain to throw at his warriors and having a fire ball could help with chaff.

5 Dark Riders, Musician. Charge redirectors, RXBs could help with chaff.

20 Executioners: FC, Banner of swiftness. Get them into combat ASAP as they will hurt pretty much anything.

20 Dreadspears: FC, Gleaming Pennant. Hopefully they can hold something up.

10 Dark shards, shields: Sorc bunker

I can't take RBT and execs together or Doomfires. The stuff I have is what I have painted up so far. I've got Corsairs, Welfs, CoKs, CoC and a Pegasus still to paint as well as some mounted lords and sorc models.

Any advice would be much appreciated! :burns:

Fri Jan 09, 2015 10:31 pm
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If you play against Chaos, you may consider:
Lvl 1 Sorc on Pegasus with metal magic, or
Master on Pegasus with CoT.

The tactic with Lvl 1 is obvious, move her to the rear of enemy armoured troops and just melt and melt with signature spell. The rationale of CoT Pegmaster is to kill WoC chariots in 1 turn and then to combo/charge regiments, issue a challenge and kill the champ/hero there. Remember, that WoC have to accept challenges. With 3 S6 attacks, re-rolls hits (most likely) and re-rolls wound rolls of 1 and on top of that d3 wounds and killing blow, you should have no problem with that. Situation gets trickier if the enemy has re-rollable 3++. I would choose other targets then and leave him for the end, as CoT Pegmaster suffers if stuck in a combat for longer than 1 turn.

Sat Jan 10, 2015 12:00 pm
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Pegasus is currently in bits in my "to do next" box! Searing doom would be useful I think but with only a single L1 allowed I think it would only be an annoyance to Warriors/knights, the units I really want to cripple. I'm loath to lose the casting bonus from Dark Magic when I reckon it would prove a good advantage with only L1 wizards allowed. If I can get boosted WoP off in combat maybe I can give my execs a good chance. Im not sure what to do as those restrictions are pretty harsh for us, if I want a single bolt thrower I then can't take Execs for example. Its going to be a tough one!

Sat Jan 10, 2015 11:54 pm
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I don't think it would be an anoyance. Give your Lvl 1 Opal Amulet and aim for IF and miscasting 6 dice bigger version of Searing Doom. That is 2D6 hits that wound on 2+. Pretty cool. :) Although it's quite a hazard, it has worked for me so far. Don't forget, that in the worst scenario, you can withstand 3 miscasts thanks to 3W from Pegasus and Opal Amulet (not counting "Power Drain" (10-12) option).

I also tried to do kamikaze with this tactics. I moved my sorc 1" apart of Warriors and hoped so much for miscast and 2-4 result on the table. Never worked, tho. !lol!

Another reason I would want metal magic in my army against WoC is that it can deal effectively with Chimera. If it has regen, what are you going to do with her? You have no flaming attacks inside your list.

But yeah, that WoP + Execs combo could work. It's my personal playstyle, that I don't really like infantry. And models that don't have re-rolls.

Yep, taking RBT is not a good choice in this setting. And that's pretty harsh, I would say too, because it can deal with highly armored troops, which are a thorn in our side.

Sun Jan 11, 2015 5:49 am
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