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The Edge - Official news channel - Kickstarter in March 2015 
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Hey guys!

We have shared with you several of our Dark Elves models today and spilled the word about The Edge, and after several questions from you about the project, we decided to share a little more – information about the world, factions, mechanics and some of our miniatures in various stages of development. We hope you will find it useful and appealing.:)

Project The Edge is developed by Awaken Realms painting studio located in Poland.This is very exciting project for us and we are humbly asking for any feedback and comments from you. Feel free to ask us about anything what comes to your mind and whatever you want to know about The Edge project - we decided to develop it together with the community that has supported us so much before.
As a painting studio we have vast experience in dealing with miniatures of various companies, and that experience will be reflected in everything what we can offer in The Edge project, especially into miniature design, highest quality of casting (our 3D print technology allows us to get the level of details of 0,016mm!), interesting background material and finally, unique game mechanics.
We are aiming to launch our Kickstarter in March 2015 with an almost complete product, ready to ship within 6 months.

The Edge is a skirmish scaled 28 mm wargame set in the post-apocalyptic world with medieval and steampunk aesthetic influences. It’s mechanic combines the traditional wargame approach and solutions from mana-based card games. In a world destroyed by cataclysmic Judgement Day that left behind not only havoc and desolation, but also beneficial crystals and mysterious portals, remnants of humanity are unified under the authoritative rule of The Chapter, the priesthood of The One, a god of technology, defending humanity against Demons, conquerors of whole worlds, which one day came out of the portals. In the bloody war that followed, from the dead human bodies, broken machine parts and power of the crystals new entity was born by ominous and barely understood method – The Faceless, beings deprived of autonomic consciousness and emotions, devouring both metal and flesh, through which implementations every creature evolves on its own.

The humanity found a way to use the scattered crystals to create and empower mechanical blessings of The One, but the Demons have their own reasons to gather them and even The Faceless have their purpose to seek the crystals, as the power that dwells in them is fuelling the hulks of their physical forms.


Keep an eye upon The Edge watch the progress and see our work as a painting studio:

The Edge - currently in production
The Edge on Facebook
Awaken Realms
Find us on Facebook
Sign-up for our WEEKLY NEWSLETTER!


The Factions:

The Chapter
ImageWhen the first priests of The One were warning the humanity about the coming cataclysm, no one listened. And after the Judgement Day, those, who survived the eradication of former civilization finally believed. The remnants of humanity, sheltered in seven huge metropolies, called Refuges became unified as The Chapter under the guidance of Priests of The One, and with the power of the crystals, scattered through the world by the blasting meteors, rebuild the civilization from rumble, shaping everything in the image of The One, glorifying the technological advance and implementing it in every aspect of life. Though uniting the humans, The Chapter itself is internally divided, and various doctrines and philosophies of each individual metropoly are seeking to become dominant. When the demonic threat emerged from the hidden portals in the craters left from the apocalyptic events, The Chapter, the protectors of humanity remnants, became the first and only defence line against the ruthless foe. Already dangerous railways and routes to crystal mines became even more vulnerable with the Demons preying outside, forcing the Chapter to strengthen their protection.


The Demons
ImageDemonic society is divided into three castes. First, the brutal ones, being the backbone of strike forces and dedicating their whole lives and culture to martial prowess and art of fighting. Second, the terror ones, learning about the fears and vulnerable points of invaded cultures, striking from the shadows and spreading terror through the enemy ranks. Third, the intelligent ones, utilizing their mind as a deadly weapon, using the magic born from the crystals power and commanding whole forces in times of war. All three castes struggle for influence in the whole society, but all understands, that jousts may not turn into war, there is a bigger obstacle uniting all three castes. The place from which Demons came from is a barren, worn-out, devoid of resources and overpopulated world. Several times the Demons were forced to spread to other worlds in order to survive as a species. Latterly, the conquered worlds began once again lacking resources to maintain overgrown demonic population and another conquest was vital.
One day after the cataclysm, when new humanity was at its peak, the portals sleeping into blastscape awaken, spewing out a new threat. Demons fell upon the unsuspecting human dwellings, and only thanks to The Chapter and unsuspected appearance of Faceless were driven out. But not for long.


The Faceless
In the height of the bloody war between the Chapter and Demons, on one of the battlefields the unthinkable took place. Born from the broken machine parts, left human carcasses and the arcane power of crystals left to rampage wild, the first of The Faceless creature appeared. Being not driven by consciousness, showing no emotion towards anyone, begun consuming both metal and flesh, demonic and human alike. Every devoured part was being implemented to the creature’s structure, changing its form and abilities. The Faceless shortly after its birth begun to seek the crystals. Their power is believed to be the only mean of holding together and driving forth their hybrid forms. Only thanks to their appearance the demonic incursion failed, no one was prepared to fight such an enemy. All communication attempts, both from human and demonic side was fruitless, so their goal is yet unknown.


In our gameplay mechanic we wanted to bring something totally fresh and really fun to play, so we decided to bring original idea of combining miniature wargaming with a mana-base card game. Everything will be resolved by the deck of forty cards with value from one to four and several special cards of effect, spells or abilities.

The gameplay also will focus upon the gathering and using crystals – each crystal token will make your mana pool bigger, what allows you to use (precisely talking, spend your mana amount on) special cards from your “hand” affecting singular targets with special effects or abilities, or even to influence several targets or whole battlefield. This mechanic will create environment inducing players to think strategically, use currently possessed resources wisely and plan ahead opposing to common solution of “just getting rid of the whole enemy force”. Sometimes better solution will be to spend more time gathering crystals to prepare a powerful spell to turn the tides of battle.

Each faction will be gathering crystals and using the mana pool generated by them in a little different, but distinctive way – this will differentiate the factions further in the means of gameplay and turn the game even more interesting. Thinking how to prevent the enemy from gather precious resources and still being able to acquire as much as possible, bearing in mind that what you can do in the game depends of how much mana you’ve obtained from the crystals. The mana and cards will be almost sole mechanic factors - classic dice will only be used to determine some of the card effects.


This will be a skirmish game launched in march 2015 on Kickstarter, developed as a test before potentially expanding the Edge as a full-fledged battle wargame.

Awaken Realms
The Edge on Facebook
Vimeo Painting Tutorials
Our YouTube

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Mon Jan 12, 2015 5:52 pm
Miscast into the Warp
Miscast into the Warp
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Very interesting. Some great looking models already and impressive work from a 3d printer.

My Kings of War Plog - Forces of Nature

My Kings of War Plog - Twilight Kin / Nightstalkers

Mon Jan 12, 2015 6:36 pm
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Amboadine wrote:
Very interesting. Some great looking models already and impressive work from a 3d printer.

Indeed! usually those finely detailed models are 54mm (and thus not usable in warhammer games) but these look incredible!
Hopefully they're affordable ..

Tue Jan 20, 2015 11:27 am
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