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1500pts ECL list - On the Charge 
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Hey guys,

So our Escalation League have started again. 3rd Season, and still fun! We are playing no End of Time rules, and some house rules.

We have already started with 1000pts this time.

I have two lists I am considering for 1500pts, I would like your opinion on them.

I think I've seen this setup somewhere else in here in some form or another.

This is by far my favourit.

On the Charge:


Dreadlord, General (263pts)
Cold One
Lance, SDC, Shield.

Armour of Destiny
Potion of Foolhardiness


Master (171pts)
Cold One
Lance, SDC, Shield, BSB

Armour of Fortune

Sorceress (177pts)
Lvl 2
Cold One

Ring of Hotek
Lore of Beasts


Corsairs x10 (140pts)

Banner of Eternal Flame

Dark Rider x5 (120pts)
Musc, Standard, Repeater Crossbow, Shield

Dark Rider x5 (120pts)
Musc, Standard, Repeater Crossbow, Shield


Cold One Knights x10 (365pts)
Musc, Standard, Lance
Dread Knight

War Banner

Reaper Bolt Thrower (70pts)

Reaper Bolt Thrower (70pts)

Total: 1496pts

It goes without saying there is ALOT of points in one unit. Dreadlord, Master and Sorc all goes in the the Cold One unit. The sorc goes in the second rank and is save from CC and snipe spells. for spells I'm hoping for Wyssan's Wildform and The Beasts of Horros.
This unit will be the forceful hammer which I will bring pain and suffering (I hope)

The Dark Riders will be warmachine and shaff hunters and misdirects, in crucial moments.

The Reaper Bolt Throwers will be on the backline and guarded by the Corsairs.

Any thoughts on changes?

The escalation house rules allows for 1 of each lord choice, 1 of each hero choice, 1 of each rare choice, 2 simular core choices.

The second list is a "regular" pegasus list.



Dreadlord (289pts)
General, HA, Lance, SDC, Shield
Dark Pegasus

Cloak of Twilight


Master (208pts)
HA, SDC, Lance, Shield, BSB
Dark Pegasus

Talisman of Preservation


Dark Rider x5 (115pts)
Musc, Standard, Repeater Crossbow

Dark Rider x5 (115pts)
Musc, Standard, Repeater Crossbow

Corsairs x14 (194pts)
Musc, Standard, EHW

Banner of Eternal Flame


Har Ganeth Executioners x20 (305pts)
Musc, Standard

War Banner

Reaper Bolt Thrower (70pts)

Reaper Bolt Thrower (70pts)


Doomfire Warlocks x5 (125pts)

Total: 1491pts

Dreadlord is mainly war-machine and character hunter, supporting the hammer unit with flanking charges.

Master is for supporting the hammer unit with BSB as well as flanking charges

The hammer unit will be the executioners.

Dark Riders is there for misdirection, chaff and warmachine hunter.

Warlocks do what warlocks do best, be annoying and support the executioners with their awesome spell selection.

Reaper Bolt Thrower is on the backline with protection of the corsairs.


I can't decide which list to choose. My favourit is by far "On the Charge" mostly due to alot of cold ones ^^

Both list is magic light and mobile. They both miss a anvil unit, I am hoping that I wont need a anvil and to break potential combat with sheer combat resolution.

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Fri Jan 16, 2015 11:55 pm
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Cool army lists. I also can't decide wich one would be better. The second one looks less risky I think but I would like to hear how the first list has done in battle!

My favorite unit ATM: Cold One Knights

Sun Jan 18, 2015 9:52 am

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I think the first list looks pretty good, really heavy hammer to bring to a 1500pt game. The only thing I'd say is maybe switching the corsairs for darkshards for the extra range? But that's all.

Good Luck :)

Sun Jan 18, 2015 10:59 am
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