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2500pt West Coast GT List 
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Slave (off the Altar)

Joined: Thu Dec 26, 2013 2:56 am
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So I went to the WCGT last year (Mission Viejo, CA if you're interested!) and had a complete blast, but battle-wise I got facerolled. I attribute this mostly to the fact I'm not very experienced, but I also took a 15.5 comp list with DE, which was supper fluffy and could only sneeze at most armies. Granted, I never was 0-20, but my average score was less than 8. This year, I'm looking to have fun and learn a thing or two with a competent army that's not run-of-the-mill.

A bit on the comp - your Swedish Comp score is used for your first 2 (out of 5) matchups in the tournament. It's also doubled and added to your overall score. For example, I have a comp score of 10, I would play other armies with 10 comp for the first two games, and I would get 20 points (out of a cap of 30) added to my overall score. This is equivalent to one 20 - 0 win! My opinion is, while comp does affect your score, it's not enough to motivate me to bring a fluffy army.

So here's my list so far:

Swedish Comp - v1.14.2: 9.7
Total Roster Cost: 2499

Dreadlord (2#, 564 pts)
1 Dreadlord, 164 pts = (base cost 140 + Lance 7 + Heavy Armour 6 + Sea Dragon Cloak 8 + Shield 3)
1 Ogre Blade, 40 pts
1 Talisman of Preservation, 45 pts
1 The Other Trickster's Shard, 15 pts
1 Black Dragon, 300 pts

Master (2#, 188 pts)
1 Master, 88 pts = (base cost 70 + Lance 6 + Heavy Armour 4 + Sea Dragon Cloak 6 + Shield 2)
1 Cloak of Twilight, 50 pts
1 Dark Pegasus, 50 pts

Death Hag (3#, 300 pts)
1 Death Hag, 110 pts = (base cost 85 + Battle Standard Bearer 25)
1 Cauldron of Blood, 190 pts

Witch Elves (30#, 405 pts)
29 Witch Elves, 339 pts = 29 * 11 (base cost 11) + Musician Mus 10 + Standard Bearer Std 10
1 Hag, 21 pts
1 Razor Standard, 45 pts

Dark Riders (5#, 110 pts)
5 Dark Riders, 110 pts = 5 * 20 (base cost 16 + Repeater Crossbow 3 + Shield 1) + Musician Mus 10

Dark Riders (5#, 110 pts)
5 Dark Riders, 110 pts = 5 * 20 (base cost 16 + Repeater Crossbow 3 + Shield 1) + Musician Mus 10

Cold One Knights (10#, 345 pts)
9 Cold One Knights, 290 pts = 9 * 30 (base cost 30) + Musician Mus 10 + Standard Bearer Std 10
1 Dread Knight, 40 pts
1 Standard of Discipline, 15 pts

Shades (9#, 172 pts)
9 Shades, 172 pts = 9 * 18 (base cost 16 + Great Weapon 2) + Standard Bearer Std 10

Doomfire Warlocks (5#, 125 pts)
5 Doomfire Warlocks, 125 pts = 5 * 25

War Hydra (1#, 180 pts)
1 War Hydra, 180 pts = (base cost 160 + Fiery Breath 20)

My thoughts on alterations (I would love to hear yours!):
- Swap out hydra for kharibdyss and flame banner on shades. This gives me more versatility towards 1+ rerollable saves and regen.
- Swap out brolocks for a level 2 on a cold one with shadow. She will likely die when she gets in combat, but it saves a LOT in comp (would bring me up to an 11)

Thanks for your feedback!

Thu Jan 29, 2015 3:40 pm

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Shades cant get magic banner..

If you decided to take mounted lvl2, you should put her on a horse so you could hide in DR too, not just COK. But I think you should get scroll (and maybe IC icon!) for her too to make her worth taking

Tue Feb 03, 2015 12:31 pm
Would-be Seerlord or Quack doctor
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If you do add the sorceress, go for Dark magic instead and take power of darkness, S7 Knights and S5 cold ones? Yes please!! :twisted:

Tue Feb 03, 2015 7:25 pm
Slave (off the Altar)

Joined: Thu Dec 26, 2013 2:56 am
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Thanks for the input! I think I'm going to stick with the warlocks. After some playtesting, the level 2 alone can't accomplish much, whereas the warlocks can power through a game-changing bubble blight with almost no consequence and very little investment (points-wise). Nothing can beat their efficiency, and it's worth the comp hit imo. To top it off, they never die!

Fri Feb 06, 2015 12:14 am
Slave (off the Altar)

Joined: Thu Dec 26, 2013 2:56 am
Posts: 22
I am, however, struggling with match-ups. I don't really have anything that can face off a 1+ rerollable doombull or DP. That's the nature of no warmachines, I'm afraid...

I think my general strategy will be to charge the dragon into something (anything, really) and the peg master into any kind of war machine or chariot as soon as possible, while the witch elves, hydra, and cold ones deploy in a refused flank format, where the cold ones fan inward to combat the enemy forces in the center along with the witches. This makes it somewhat easier to get a flank charge, and my dragon can help tie up enemy forces on the opposing flank so it takes them longer to get into the main battle (if at all).

My doomfire warlocks are actually going to play very defensively, chilling behind the witch elves, peeking out for a doombolt each turn on chaff, but mostly sticking around for those key soulblights.

My dark riders will hang hunt down artillery or hang back to charge block in the late game.

My shades will deploy on the opposite side of my refused flank to pester/distract enemy forces, or deploy aggressively to take out artillery as needed.

Fri Feb 06, 2015 12:22 am

Joined: Sun Aug 12, 2012 10:14 am
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I generaly like the list but your magic defense and offense is very weak. 5 warlocks is just not enough as you have only one range and one close combat spell. Unless your planning on IR your opponent will dispell! Also, 5 warlocks are shot down pretty easily despite 4++.

i'd sqepueeze in at least a mounted level one with a scroll. You could go for dark to either chose the cc buffs or another doom bolt. That way you have 2 spells for at least one of the 2 situations named above. A mounted level 2 would guarantee you both.

Also, your DL needs a charmed shiled as he'll greet many cannon balls for sure :)

Fri Feb 20, 2015 8:51 pm
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