H: books, cards, terrain and more W: warmaster or $

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H: books, cards, terrain and more W: warmaster or $

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Cleaning out my 8th edition extra items. Lots of rare books/cards/terrain and other stuff to be had. Looking for cash offers or warmaster stuff. Here's what I have;

- Blood in the Badlands PIC
- Sigmar's Blood PIC
- Storm of Magic PIC
- Triumph and Treachery PIC
- Monstrous Arcanum PIC

- Nagash PIC
- Glottkin PIC
- Khaine PIC
- Thanquol PIC
- Archaon PIC

- Wood Elf PIC
- Ogre PIC
- Empire PIC
- Dogs of War PIC
- SKaven PIC
- Tomb King (hardcover) PIC
- Tomb King (softcover) PIC
- High Elf PIC
- Dark Elf PIC
- Warrior of Chaos PIC
- Vampires PIC

- Village building set (I belive it comes with fortified mannor, 2 watch towers, 1 chapel and walls and fences, but I'll have to double check) PIC

- WoC cards PIC
- Wood Elf Cards X3 PIC
- Battle Magic PIC
- WoC cards (again) PIC
- DoC cards (horrid pic) PIC
- Dark Elf X2PIC
- Ogre cards PIC
- Beastmen cards PIC
- High Elf cards PIC
- Storm of Magic Cards PIC
- End of Times cards PIC
- Lore of Udneath PIC

- Greasus PIC
- Skragg PIC
- Scraplauncher PIC

Also have various extra lizardmen (mainly metal and plastic skinks, but others as well).

- Warmaster (anything)
- Cash via paypal

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