MODERATION NOTE about negative posts in AoS discussions

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MODERATION NOTE about negative posts in AoS discussions

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Daeron and I regret to see too many discussions, started by D.netters who want some information about AoS, polluted by negative comments such as "I tried, it sucks, don't play".

From a moderation point of view, these posts are not only deliberately off-topic, they are looking more and more like trolling.

There is one specific thread, "Un-welcome to AoS" and all nay-sayers can start as many new, negative threads as you wish.
Let the guys with positive and neutral approach to AoS discuss in a constructive mood.

Let the moderation team have an easy life.
We don't like that much to split threads and ban people (did I think "to ban threads and split people"?).


Daeron wrote:
Red... wrote:
AhrimanJJB wrote:at the moment those who don't like it are shouting louder online than those who do.

That's one interpetation, another is that there are just far more people who don't like the new system than those who do, and so the cheerleaders for the new game get drowned out by sheer numbers

In my club we have 3 players showing renewed interest to play for every 1 player refusing to play AoS.
One of my regular opponent is also a forum lurker and poster on the boards. He decided to take some time off from the boards because he knew the complaining that follows any small change and didn't feel like bothering with a storm of negativity on his screen.

Why indeed, would somebody who is interested or liking the game bother with facing the storm of negativity?

I feel it's costing me some effort to talk about the game's mechanics here, simply because most threads get swamped into a AoS is good or bad discussion. Apparently one can not be critical nor positive about the game without inviting people to rise to the defense of the game and others to showcase negatives as proof that AoS is bad. I haven't made up my mind yet so I'd like to continue trying things out and discuss the mechanics constructively.

The negavity may have some truth to it, but I think most sensible arguments against AoS were stated roughly... 4-6 days ago. Since, I have seen only reiteration of the same arguments, worded a little differently. It will be difficult for that to turn around: content lies in the hands of people that make it, not people who criticize it. Usually.

And since AoS is out, I have seen people express their refusal of the new game and support of the old game. What I have seen very little of, less than for AoS, is actual content. Let's make that a challenge to the oldhammer supporters. If you want WFB to survive, then make it alive and make the content for it.
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