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General's Handbook Errata & FAQ

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Some interesting things.

Reinforcements don't affect your army's allegiance (as long as they're from the same grand alliance). So you can field a Slaves to Darkness army with summonable daemons without losing your Slaves to Darkness allegiance. Or a Daughters of Khaine army with Witch Aelves as battleline units, but with some Dark Riders held in reserve. Reinforcement units also don't count towards your maximum of leaders and behemoths, so you can summon a greater daemon without needing to leave those 'slots' free in your main army.

Battalion warscrolls have their own allegiance, which transfers to all their units. So you can field a battalion of mixed Stormcast and Sylvaneth units and have them all count as Sylvaneth (only for allegiance though, not for any benefits that come from the Sylvaneth keyword).

Summoned scenery (e.g. Sylvaneth Wyldwood) costs no reinforcement points.

Special abilities that don't work under the Three Rules of One... simply don't work in Matched Play.
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