Questions about bloodshield and the cauldron of blood

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Questions about bloodshield and the cauldron of blood

Post by paxter »

Hi everyone,

I am very new to this army, I got two questions

Q1 - if cauldron of blood has the meta tag witch elves? does that mean blood shield works on the cauldron?

Q2 - if it does, if i got two cauldrons of blood would that mean they both buff each other meaning its stackable?

in other words the blood shield becomes 3+ for the two cauldrons
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Re: Questions about bloodshield and the cauldron of blood

Post by Shadowspite »

Q1 - It gets the +1 bonus from being a Witch Aelves model, yes.

Q2 - The two Blood Shields do 'stack', but not quite in the way you suggest. Each Cauldron will get two separate rolls (one from its own Blood Shield and one from its neighbour), and each roll will get a +1 bonus (meaning a natural 5 or 6 on either roll will negate the wound).

Note that, in general, a 6+ save with a +1 bonus is not the same as a 5+ save. It usually doesn't make a difference, but with rerolls and other bonuses and penalties, it sometimes can.

Also note that Blood Shield is not, strictly speaking, a save roll. It won't benefit from anything that specifically affects save rolls (and also isn't affected by Rend, of course).
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