Rising from the Vault of the Dead....

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Rising from the Vault of the Dead....

Post by Archamedius »

Hey All!

Long time no chat! It's been a while for me, I played back in 6th and 8th heavily, before finishing out 8th edition with my VC (including surprising the **** out of some folks at the last 8th edition Buckeye Battles with a Vampire Lord on a Zombie Dragon, but I digress) and then AoS hit, and like others I found it wanting. I chose to focus on other things for a while and give the game time to mature. I've recently been picking up the dice to play again and have found myself pleasantly surprised by the state of the game and with the release of the Daughters of Khaine I am thoroughly enthusiastic about getting my Druchii on again (I've always been a huge Witch (A)Elf fan). So I decided to come check out the forums and see what all my respected colleagues here have been doing in the recent years.

I don't see a lot of activity though on the forums, was the end to the world that was as devastating here as elsewhere? Or did the community move to a different venue such as a Facebook Group? I am curious, I know there were a lot of very smart people who hung out here and taught me so much about playing the game and the Druchii in general.

Thanks for any tips or information you care to provide!


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Re: Rising from the Vault of the Dead....

Post by Red... »

Not sure I can lay claim to being one of the smart people you mention, but the short answer is that this community has all but died, bar some painting logs and an occasional question here and there.

I believe some 9th ed players migrated across to the Ninth Age Forum, which you can find here: https://www.the-ninth-age.com/index.php ... iscussion/

It seems viable that Age of Sigmar players may have moved to The Grand Alliance Age of Sigmar Forum: http://www.tga.community/forums/forum/2 ... scussions/
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Re: Rising from the Vault of the Dead....

Post by Darkspear »

I tried to create some traffic in these forums but did not meet with much success. I do hope this forum would be a place for evil elves players to discuss on AoS tactics but it seems unlikely now.
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Re: Rising from the Vault of the Dead....

Post by Icon hack »

Welcome back! Likewise, I'm rediscovering AoS and loving the new DoK book. They are pure offense and nothing like your father's Dark Elves, that's for sure. I'd love to chat about tactics, as soon as I figure out some things that work :-)
Wishing everyone the very best, to the end of your days.
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