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Your Age of Sigmar unuts

Posted: Thu May 06, 2021 6:47 am
by Saintofm
Primary Army: Anvilguard of the Cities of Sigmar.

Order Serpentis heavy, with lord on a black dragon with the ability to get an extra perk for monsters, dabbles in sorcery feat so he can do the acid sprey on targets, censor, and jutting spikes on his dragon.

one to two hydras (the one made using spare hydra heads and a Carnafex will get the acid blood ability)


one to two units of 10 drakespawn knights with full comand.

Hellblaster volly gun.

Executioners, 10-20, full comand.

Stormcast eternals (forget the unit name) with either hammers or swords, either build with a pair of great hammers.

Can field more executioners, up to 40 Dark Shards with command options, 60 dread spears (need to add more command options), 30Bleaksowrds (1 set of command options) 40 corsairs (1 set of command options, 2 hand weapons) Bloodwrack medusa on a shrine, 10 Dark riders with command, several assassins, several sorceresses a couple dozen of the skirmishers from the Shadow Blades, and at least 5 of the flying girls with 2 hand weapons from the Daughters of Khaine list.

Most of this is from the good ol' days of Warhammer Fantasy, especially with 8th edition practically telling you to take hoards.

Future builds will be a pair of cold one chariots to go with my own, and maybe a giant.

Re: Your Age of Sigmar unuts

Posted: Thu May 13, 2021 1:42 am
by Darkspear
Har Kuron List

2 Sorcerous
1 Slaughter Queen on Cauldron
1 Hag Queen

20 Spears
20 Crossbows
10 Crossbows
10 Blackguard
20 Executioners
5 Darkriders
5 Cold One knights
20 Witch Elves.