Lord Sangfroid and the battle for the blood river!

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Lord Sangfroid and the battle for the blood river!

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so my first proper non training battle in AoS and I'm up against the Goretide of Khorne. We agreed 100 wounds max 25 of those as characters.

His list:

Mighty Lord of Khorne (MLK)
Bloodsecrator (BS)
Blood stoker (BST)
Warshrine of Khorne (WS)
2 x 18 blood reavers (BR)
10 blood warriors (BW)
2 Khorgorath (KH)

My list
Dreadlord on a dragon (Lord sangfroid)
Beastmaster on a manticore (cerefel the mad)
2 x 10 corsairs with handbows
2 x 5 dark riders
5 warlocks
25 sisters of slaughter
(I changed my mind at the last minute partly because I had taken my blackguard off their bases and didn't have time to put them back so out came the sisters, I also felt guilty about taking sorc on a peg and assassin as I realised the game would have been one sided to much to me with khorne having no casters and no shooting. Plus if I honest I love my manticore and the fact he isn't as good as the chaos version and can't fly is one of the few things that's made me rage about AoS..... I digress)

He won the rolls and we played hammer and anvil deployment (battle for the pass) I'd set the board up with a river right down the middle, a hill each side and forest each side opposite the hills some walls and some cabbage patches but the only things that will effect anything in the game is the hill in my deployment as it was a 5 on the terrain chart so you have roll if within 3 inches mood anything in your turn, a wall in his zone also a 5 and the river which a) was the centre of the battlefield so cinematically split the forces and was a 6 so -1 bravery to its within 3 inches. And if I'm honest neither of us rolled a one for the terrain test all game so only the river matters as we shall see later!

In your mind geometrically imagine my forces are playing up the board his down, so his deployment left to right was

Sangfroid, DR1, COR1, SoS, (DW behind sisters), COR2, DR2 Cerefel

He moves everything up at full speed running all but the BS who plants his standard. He stokes his khorgorath to get them right up.

I move forward at full speed with cerefel and DR2 as its a 8 inch charge to his BR2 (note his army is the battle scroll except shrine and BR2 this matters later....) everything else moves up a bit in a line all about 16 inches from him across the board except sangfroid who sits about 20" off the khorgorath (I want to charge them not the other way around and didn't trust a 10 inch charge.) DR1 takes two wounds of KH and DR2 doesn't shoot BR2 because if I killed any it may increase charge distance for cerefel.... Sadly he fails his charge anyway so I decide to charge DR2 in the vain hope they survive so his BR2 can t charge cerefel. (His pile in would only get max 5 guys in). My DR do well and kill 4 BR but in return lose 4 and then pop the last guy on battleshock :-( At this point I'm worried now as Cerefel is 8 inches away from the BR2 and about 15 from his BW....... But I win the initiative for turn 2!!!!!

Sangfroid casts his ability on DR1 (reroll 1s to hit plus 4d6 battelshock immunity) warlocks cast doombolt at BR2 and I roll a 6 his shrine gives a 6+ against mortal wounds and he saves one. I move sisters up to 8 inches from BR1 & 2 giving me options, corsairs up but lined up at the back rank (to encourage the pile in around the sisters if I fail my charge so it drags corsairs in place locks behind sisters, move cerefel 3 inches from BR2 and sangfroid flies between COR1 and DR1 so if they get charged I might be able to pile in. DR1 take another 2 wounds of KH. I charge cerefel into BR2 and sisters fail there 8" charge :-(. Cerefel kills 7 BR2 and loses 1 wound, but due to the BS banner they are immune to Battle shock.

MLK pops his ability and so BR1, BW and KH now get swift stride equvilent this turn for charging. He also blood stokers his Kh so they charge extra 3". BR1 and BW move as close as they can to sisters to swamp my middle, MLK moves towards Cerefel, KH moves towards DR1 BS plants banner and shrine and BST move up. He is 7" from DR with KH so no shooting, so all his charges connect and he elects to fight first with MLK against cerefel, amazingly fluffs and only does 4 wounds!. I elect to fight with SoS next as they have BR1 and BW around them.....
(This was a mistake at this point I should have piled in one of my corsairs and fought the BW) because I put 15 attacks on his BR1 and 21 on his BW I kill 4 BW who due to the rule fight anyway and kill 4 sisters but my Save ability takes another wound off them, and 12 BR!! This means that now neither of my corsairs can pile in.....
He fights with BR1 next and kills another 2. I chose DR1 next and take another wound of KH, he replies and kills 4 DR1, cerefel puts all his attacks into MLK and does 4 wounds! (One less save to the claws and he would have been dead) his BR2 do nothing to my manticore and then the 6BW kill another 5 sisters.
Bloodbath...... But his units are all immune to Battleshock, my DR1 pop, and my poor sisters lose -1 bravery due to river and -1 being within 12 of Khorgorath, but +2 for banner and being just 8" from manticore. In any event I lose 8 more to battleshock.
So I have 6 sisters left and we have both basically done 19 wounds to each other in the main fight. But I have to say the square formation worked (I just stupidly didn't shield sisters from battle shock) and didn't pile in corsairs first. Massive mistake but he'll of a fight.

It gets worse at the end of then turn he rolls for his reality blade on the MLK and rolls a 5 so cerefel gets torn from reality :-( I win initiative again though!

Lord sangfroid buffs COR1 and warlocks doombolt BW and roll a 6 again he saves one but due to carrying a wound 3 still die. COR1 moves up to shoot and charge BR1 COR2 move up to shoot and charge MLk and last three BR2. MLK saves all shots and I kill 3 more BR1 (5 left) I make all my charges too. Sangfroid eats 10"wounds of khorgoraths (leaving last one on 1 wound grrrr) BW kill 1 sister, COR1 kill 1 BR1, they kill 3 COR1, COR2 get two wounds on MLK but he saves and the. Kills 6 plus the BR2 kill one sisters kill one BW and remaining BR1 and then KH takes a wound of sangfroid. (Phew) battelshock sees COR2 pop.

MLK buffs himself and BR2 to charge warlocks and moves up, 2 heroes and shrine charge COR1 he makes it in with everything but BR2 and because they are not part of battlescroll can't reroll failed charges once one gets in (phew). He goes first withnMLK and takes 5 wounds of warlocks, I fight with COR1 and take a wound off BS and BST, he piles the WS into sisters and kills them all, his heroes finish off corsairs and my warlocks kill his MLK whooohoo! Reality blade fails but he wins initiative. (Edit sangfroid kills last KH take no wounds)

Shrine charges dragon, everything else moves to charge dragon but fails. Sangfroid strips 5 wounds off shrine and loses 2 wounds back

Warlocks blast BS and nuke him then move up to go after BST. Dragon takes 3 more wounds off shrine loses one back (I'm down a level now for next turn :-(. He also wins initiative again

Everything charges dragon except BR2 (haha no reroll charges again :-). Overall I take the BST down to one wound, the shrine to 2 wounds and kill BW (I spilt my three attack options, he takes sangfroid down to 7 wounds left.

Warlocks charge the BST after failing to cast doombolt, in combat BST dies but shrine survives with 1 wound left! Sangfroid is now down to 4 wounds left. He wins initiative

BR1 charge sangfroid, in combat I kill just one BR2 and the shrine but thanks to the river (hehe) he fails his battle shock by two and they flee.....

Tabled for me hooray! All I had left was sangfroid on 4 wounds and 2 warlocks

Great battle and ended up close so happy with 100 wounds 25 max heroes for a casual game.
I made a big error with sisters and corsairs in key combat and if I'd have played this well I'd have won much easier but even so square 5x5 formation of 2" attack models is amazing and really gained the respect of my round based opponent!
Shootin was.. Meh! but contributed to KH going down as fast as they did.
Magic was awesome I rolled well for wounds but still very nice.
Sangfroid was just awesome the rerollable tyrant shield and sword combo is the way to go! It warms my heart that finally our best HQ choice is our biggest on a DRAGON!!!
Was also pleasently surprised by the manticore if not for the failed reality blade roll he would have mashed his Lord and BR and who knows what else

But seriously WTF can't he fly!!! ;-)
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Re: Lord Sangfroid and the battle for the blood river!

Post by Sangfroid »


Here a pic of the Victorious Lord Sangfroid atop Redclaw with the two remaining Bloodreavers running and my last two warlocks.

I only took this pic sorry need to get into the habit of taking more!
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Re: Lord Sangfroid and the battle for the blood river!

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Looks great!
Hunters usually take pics of them with the killed animal, not during action. ;)

Did you use
- distances from the base of the dragonlord,
- distances from the feets of the dragon,
- distances from the appropriate part of the model (Exile Blade has 1" range...)
- or horizontal distance from the estimated projection of the model on the ground?
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Re: Lord Sangfroid and the battle for the blood river!

Post by Sangfroid »

We measured from the front of all bases across the battle for movement and then from any part of the base while in combat which didn't cause any issues as the only time Sangfroid was swamped it was by a Bloodstoker in the front left corner of his base a warshrine Middle of the front to the right corner and then blood warriors along his right flank of base.

Base to base worked fine for measurements what was interesting was the charge distance we measured closest points to half on an inch from target unit and also declared who we would charge before we rolled and accepted a failure if this failed (even if the dice total would have brought us to within half of an inch to another unit. )

We also said that dispellers (or his bloodstokers ability) had to be 18inches from the caster not the target of the spell. Which was interesting as id thought it would be to spell target this worked well for me as I could use the warlocks speed to get out of his MLK range of dispel.

Have to say there is a lot of joking over in the UK at the moment around the combat gauge but I had made a joke one for the match and actually found it handy for working out how many models he would get to pile in when I charged his Blood reavers with my dark riders
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