Thanks for the Battle Reports

Batreps under Age of Sigmar rules

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Thanks for the Battle Reports

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I was going to comment on all them but seemed silly so just want to tell all you thanks for the battle reports. They have been truly insight to how the game is played. I have watched about 30 different ones on youtube, but most of those seem to be Ogres and Sigmars, so it's nice to see the dark Elves in actions.

As a question to anyone who has played and has a report here, What do you think is more important your army comp, or how you position it on the battle field? I ask cause some people are saying there are not tactics at all in the game and that it is just is what you bring. While others are saying that even with "weaker" force by the old system, with good positions you can hold your own.
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Re: Thanks for the Battle Reports

Post by Daeron »

Both are important, of course. You do want synergy to enhance your army. But my own experience would point at the deployment phase. You really need to time and manage your battles, and considering the flexible movement phase, the deployment phase is one of the key steps to create a distance (or not) where you want it.

There's a limit of what you can manipulate with the deployment phase though. When you're running into a brick wall, it doesn't matter as much if you do it a bit sooner or a bit later. But I think mediocre units can beat elite units given the right situation and timing.
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