Seraphon vs Darkling Covens

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Seraphon vs Darkling Covens

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So it's Wednesday, so that mean another batrep, for China. Here we find the Jokar WarHost laying in wait for a horde of Lizardman. We decided to use the south coast GT comp and it worked out really well. So here are my 80 pts of Dark Elves.
The Jorkar Warhost.
Thrall Warhost
10 Bleak Swords
10 Dark Shards
10 Dark Shards
10 Black Guard
9 Executioners
2 Sorceress
7 DrakeSpawn Knights
1 Dread Lord on a Dragon
This totaled out to be 59 models total. On the other side the Lizardmen showed up with 113 total models, including over 50+ skinks 30+ Suars warriors, 10 Coldone Knights, 3 salamanders, and three heroes, Scarvet on Coldone, and two Skink priest. So a little out gunned in terms of models. But never scared of a fight lets see some lizardman die. Last we did a random roll to see what battleplan we were going to play and it was Out of the Mist.

So After deployment I won turn one and elected for him to go first. Mostly cause I know he is slower than me and I don't want to loose and models to Mist Ghost if possible. So turn on is pretty uneventful just some slow movement up, but using the Mist hide from his Salamanders. Only thing of to eventfulness here was me moving my dragon 14ins to hide in a Misty forest. While it didn't play out immediately it turned out to be a game changer.
Turn 2
So he won turn two, and decided that he was going to give it to. Basically he was calling out my "hurry up and wait' attitude that decided to play so I decided that that I'd go for a rush. Using one Sorceress I casted Mystic Shield on my Drakspawn Knights, the other casted Mist Gust on some rocky Terrain that he was hiding behind clearing the Mist and allowing me to charge without needed to see if I was going to be eaten. I also used my Dreadlord's ability that prevents them from battle shock, them I moved them up 10ins to prepare for charge. I think moved my Dreadlord as well up to set him up to charge a different unit of Saur Warriors, Everything else just help back in the mist, in wait except my Black Guard who ran to a forest chasing my Dragon. In the Shooting Phases I used some Dragon breathe on the Saurs Warriors in front of my dragon, killing one. Then in the Charge phase I make both charges into two units of Saurs Warriors. On the pile in I intentionally try to drag his Cold One Knights into the fight because I don't want them charging if possible, but I'm less that a 1/4 in off, so I know some pain is coming my way. I also want to attack with my Knights first cause, of how my Dragon charged the Saurs Warriors, only three or four are going to be able to pile in. So my Knights hit first killing 4 Saur warriors and he attacks my Dragon only doing one damage, and now its my Dragon turn. First I want to say, exile blade suck lol, only did two wounds the whole game with it, that said claws and mouth are great. I rolled 6 hits and 4 damage with the and three hits three wounds with the mouth, and with -2 rend he couldn't save, so that was 16 damage, NOM NOM NOM, Dragon eats all the Lizardpeople. So in on turn I killed a unit of 18 Saurs Warriors plus 4 more.
In his turn he saw that he was going to have to engage both my executioners and my Black Guard as they were semi-camping the only place where his Messager for the battleplan could come in at. To be fair on this I didn't realize that this was the only place and actually thought he was going to pop up near my BleakSwords and DarkShards. So his decided to charge my Executioners with his Scarvet, and charge my Black Guard with a group of Skinks. He also Charged his Coldone Knights into my Drakspawn Knights. His Salamanders did try shooting by failed to hit my Dragon.
Now once in Combat he attacked first with the Scarvet and killed on Executioner, which in compared on how that model as done in other games is really terrible. I then attacked his Skinks with my Black Guard killing all of them (10), then his piled in his Suars Warriors on my Drakespawn Knights, this was bad for him though cause his pile in allowed my Dragon to join the fight they put one wound on my Knight then my Dragon attacked back killing 14 more of them. Finally I attacked his Scarvet with Executioners killing it, in the hit phase but rolling four 6's. Then his attacked my knights killing one of mine putting a wound on another. This was end of turn 2 with my leading the Model Kills 1 to 44 in total.

Turn 3 should be called Mistakes were made, horrible terrible mistakes. Most start after I win the turn, and decided that I'll put the metal down and go, go, go. In my hero phased I missed casting Mystic Shield on my Drakespawn Knights, they mistake here was not sacking a nearby bleak sword to make sure it worked, a potential game changer but not the biggest mistake. And also in the Hero phase I missed the chance to use the Thrall War Host Command Ability which could have given me two chances to make a charge with Bleak Swords. So in my movement I move the Executioners and the Black Guard to where the Messenger is show up, mostly cause I want deny him a major victory. This was mistake two, and the smallest. The larger mistake was moving my Darkshards out of the mist to shoot a unit of Skinks and Saurs Warriors. I was only able the kill 2 skinks and non of the warriors, but now my squishiest units were in the open. So in the Charge Phase I try to charge with Bleak Swords and fail, then I commit the biggest mistake, and decided to charge with my dark Shards cause I don't want his saurs warriors to charge. So with both units I charge and make it in, with one unit on his skinks and one unit on his saurs warriors. In combat I attack with my Drakespawn first mostly cause with out mystic shield they are all about to die. They attack the Saur Warriors killing three, only leaving on left in the unit freeing my dragon from engagement. Then he piles in with his Cold One Knights trying to swing around and drag my Dragon into a fight, was there is nothing on him know and he fly off in round 4 four if I win the round, but he is unable to do so. So he attacks the Drakespawn killing 2 more leaving 4 left. I attack with the one unit on the Dark Shards, killing 1 Saur warrior, their counter attack fails and his Skinks, pile out and retreat 8ins. In battle Shock the last Saur Warrior Flees.
In his turn the Messenger show up 3 ins off my Executioners and 4 from my black guard. He moves his Salamanders into a position shoot my Dark Shards and they do, killing 6. Then his Skinks shoot and miss. In the charging phase he Charges with the Salamanders and Skink Handlers. They both make it in. Now in his combat phase his phases his Salamanders attack and kill 3 more Dark Shards in one unit and the Saur Warriors manage to kill 4 more in the other. My counter attack kills 2 more suars warriors. He also killed all but one of DrakeSpawn Kinghts. In battle shock I lose all but 1 dark Shards. so the model count is now 29 to 55. I have to kill 85 models for a major Victory and he only needs to kill 45 of mine.
Turn 4
In my Hero phased I casted mystic Shield on my Dread lord and on my Bleak swords. Then I flew 14in to a unit of Skinks. I knew I to clear this unit of 25 fast. I also moved my Black Guard up to try to make a charge his Cold One Knights. My Dragon, executioners and Bleak Swords make their charges, but my Black guard fail theirs. I attack with my Dragon first and kill 18 skinks, (Dragon bit guys is awesome), He attacks my bleak Swords and kills one, with his Suars Warriors, I then attack back and kill 2 more Saurs warriors. He attackes with his messenager and misses. I kill the Messenger and he attacks the dragon putting on 1 wound. then after battleshock he losses all the skinks so I am at 80 models killed and he is at 36 only needing to kill 9 more of my models.
His turn would become a race to kill models. In his hero phased he failed Celestial Writs on his Coldone knights and with everything else tied up in combat he only needed to move and charge with them. So he moved them into posstion and charged my Black Guard. In shooting his Salmanders missed on my Bleak Swords (Yay). So that tool us to combat. His Knights killed off 4 Black Guard. he was within 3ins to my Excutioners after his pile in so I piled in with them and killed one knight and put one wound on another. He attacked my Bleakswoard killing 5 of them with his last unit of Saurs Warriors, giving him the 75% limit he needed to win, unless I was able to kill four more models. So my Bleakswords attacked his Skinks Handelers killing 2 of them, they attacked back, missing the hits. Then it came down to my Black Guard vs his Coldone knights. After a pile in, I attacked and did 5 wounds killing three of them, and giving me the victory.

I would say that this was super intense there to to end. I could have for sure change up some of my movements and not have been as crazy with the charges. I also think that if I was going to play Out of the Mist again I wouldn't use two units on Dark Shards and instead bring two units of Bleak Swords. I also want to say that the SCTG comp is good, but I was just amazed how many more models he got to mine.

I'll try to add photos next time. Sorry I keep Forgetting to take them.
Phox Jorkarzul
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