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Community Chat Guidelines

Post by Belial »

Hello, and welcome to the Off Topic section of

This post is a quick heads up for you, so that you know how to act in this part of the forum, where things are a little bit less defined.

"Off Topic" means anything that's not covered by the other forums. That means quite a broad range of topics can be brought up, and we encourage you to do so. We would like though, if you could follow these instructions in the OT, when posting:

1) Does it adhere to the rules?
The general rules of are also in effect in the OT.

2) Is it offensive? is an open board, which means there are a lot of different people using it. Therefore, some things that might be funny or okay with you, others might consider to be offensive. This is especially true with topics about politics or religion, so think thrice before posting a thread, or replying to one, about such things.

3) Is it mature? is a site about tabletop games, and therefore naturally has young users. Is your post ill-suited for minors? That does not mean you can't post topics that children cannot participate in - but you shouldn't post something that is not suitable for children(example: anything pornographic).
I trust you are mature enough to find the line.

4) Is it spam?
It is much easier spamming in OT, because it invites many "relaxed" threads. We do no want spam. Your post count is not your IQ.
Special mention goes to "three word stories" or any variant of the thread - they have been here, and has been closed. They are considered spam.

5) Will it in any other way get me in trouble?
In the end it boils down to this: Think for yourself. We, the Executioners, are the judges, and although we are not above the rules, we can punish outside them, if need be. So don't think you can behave like an ape, just because you have found a loophole in the rules.

These post might be subject to change. If in any doubt when posting something, please refer to this thread. Any wording in here that might be contradictory to the old guidelines, will replace those.