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Post by Xizor »

Afternoon all,

Had a random wave of nostalgia and thought I'd come check in on you guys. Pretty impressed to see the forum is going and is still contributed to on a semi regular basis.

So what's the main player base here? AoS, 9th, KoW...or just a bit of a mix?

Hope everyone is well, regardless of what you're playing.

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Re: Hey!

Post by Calisson »

Well, that's the issue:
Xizor wrote:So what's the main player base here? AoS, 9th, KoW...or just a bit of a mix?

I am solidly embedded in 9th Age project, where I see some of D.net's long timers.
Others moved to KoW or AoS. Some are sticking to WH8.
Some ceased to play altogether.
So the reply is a mix. And this is not enough to make a decent player base.

At the moment, it seems that what sticks together most (relatively) D.net is the P&M forum, thanks to Cult of Khaine.
And of course, praise Daeron for keeping the site up (he pays the bill).
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Re: Hey!

Post by cultofkhaine »

Pretty quite here most days - but your in good company.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the new elf factions get launched - if ever.

Would love to see some of your work in P&M drop a photo any time you like.
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Re: Hey!

Post by Lord Drakon »

Welcome back!
Yes a bit quiet now but it goes in waves, some months ago there were new posts/updates daily. Hope to contribute again when I am back.
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Re: Hey!

Post by Darkprincess »

Still playing 6th edition here. AoS is not a thing for me. I like a few of the minis and a few other bits but overall, I don't regognise what GW have done.
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Re: Hey!

Post by Ming »

I'm playing a lot of bloodbowl nowadays.
I'm sticking with 8th edition and I'm trying to re-enact a Finuvial plain battle, building scenery and preparing troops, I'll be ready in an year or so
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Re: Hey!

Post by jyrik »

I'm just playing 8th and having a good time doing so.

I'm also trying (albeit unsuccessfully) to get some painting done.
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