Roman Dice Tower

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Roman Dice Tower

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Courtesy of Bloodbeard, who shared this piece of news:


[quote=Archaeologist Ticia Verveer]A Roman throwing tower found at Vettweiß-Froitz-heim in Germany. The sides have been worked open, so that the players could see the dice rolling. Invented to prevent cheating. Text on the back reads: utere felix vivas ('use it and live as a lucky man').

4th century

On the front it says Pictos victos hostis deleta ludite securi ('The Picts have been defeated, the enemy destroyed, play carefree').

The text refers to a Roman victory over the Picts in Scotland, north of Roman Britannia.

At LVR Museum, Bonn, Germany ... im-museum/[/quote]
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Re: Roman Dice Tower

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This is seriously badass. Me wants! Are there replicas of this for sale?
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