Blood Bowl DE team

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Blood Bowl DE team

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Re: Blood Bowl DE team

Post by Jolemai »

Very pretty. Harkens back to the old, old, set iirc?
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Re: Blood Bowl DE team

Post by The_Peacemaker »

Ya it looks pretty cool. I'll eventually pick up a set.
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Re: Blood Bowl DE team

Post by Ming »

IMHO GW's teams are quite disappointing.,
Dark Elves in particular.
They sell a box lacking 4 positionals (2 assassins and 2 blitzers), and they'll probably put on the market the missing players in an year or two.
The Team is hardly playable at all, if you do not field 4 blitzers from the beginning.
Aside from that, their plastics aren't practical to play this game, in which you manipulate a lot your minis, put them prone on the pitch, and stress them quite a bit.
GW Plastics are doomed to last 4- 5 games at most, before breaking, losing half their cool spikes and useless tiny parts.

The market offers excellent third party's teams to buy.

Greebo's Obsidian Dusk, in particular, is brilliant.
Nice teams are produced by Hungry Troll, Starplayer miniatures, Sukubus Studio
Metal and resin seems a more reasonable choice for this game.
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