Lord Of Chains

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Lord Of Chains

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Lord Of Chains was developed from old school gamers, listening to their community and helping design one of the most strategic games on the web.

You start of as either Good or Evil (This is determined by your race), build your account in the virtual fantasy world of Cairo. The game is deep and will keep you entertained for years. Yes, years! Many players of Lord Of Chains have been playing games for over 15 years.

You play it your way. You choose the path you want your character to take.

Want to rule the world of physical or magical? You make blood and souls from rapers, blood is the virtual ingame currency letting you upgrade your account, equipping your army and training troops. There’s so many ways to make (and lose) blood in clan wars, you will be surrounded by some seriously bad people who’ll do anything to stop you ruiling the empire.

Become stronger by investing in over 30 stats. Gain boosts and participate in the market and ingame gambling systems.

Attack other players, bid for valuable items against others, create clans and own the rankings. Participate in mass attacks and drain blood from your enemies. Place bountys on your enemies head if they’re getting too big for their boots. There are hundreds of different avenues to take.

Lord Of Chains is a long-term strategic game. With no-resets and 100’s of ways to play, The game has hundreds of players each day there’s always plenty of people to compete against at the same level.

With an awesome community, active forums and active new player chat channel; there really is no better time to visit LOC.

Besides… it’s 100% free to play. What have you got to lose?
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Re: Lord Of Chains

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Why no iOS option?
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