Xenophon's Anabasis As A Free Audiobook

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Xenophon's Anabasis As A Free Audiobook

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Hi folks,

For those with any interest in history and warfare and thrilling events, and a wish to fill your earphones with it, I can recommend Xenophon's Anabasis (meaning march inland from the coast), recording the march of 10 000 Greek mercenaries in support of Persian pretender Cyrus, to and from foreign lands, and their varied travails, battles and internal strife. The Anabasis will take you back to a world of Persian world empire, unruly highland tribes and blooming Greek coastal colonization. It will let you glimpse a past time when enslavement and pillage were commonplace, and where might makes right. It will especially take you close to a fight for survival, and vicious backstabbing. This is a Librivox recording of a 19th century English translation, read by various volunteers. It's well worth reading in text, too!
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Re: Xenophon's Anabasis As A Free Audiobook

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I've had mixed to bad experiences with listening to Librivox recordings. What is the quality of this one like? Do the readers make the effort to vary their tones depending on the content of the reading and to use different voices for different people, or is it just one long and monotonous reading?

That's not to disparage the intent or the efforts of the librivox readers, who do it for free which is awesome, and a few of them do an excellent job. But sadly many of them don't quite reach the level needed for an enjoyable listener experience. Could you comment on the audio quality side of this?

Also, minor niggle, but if you are going to link somewhere, please link to the original content. Librivox has its own website, so link there rather than to youtube please.
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