back with a new hero we can have

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back with a new hero we can have

Post by Blondshade »

i have an idea for a new person we can have in our army

jkblade the hydramaster

jkblade spent many years worshipping a great hydra. he was a beastmaster. when the hydra died, he was so sad. with the anger he became mixed with the magic and will of hydra, making him the toughest elf on the earth!

180 points on 20x20 or 25x25 base

m4 ws5 bs2 s5 t6 a6 w3 ld6

he is a tank. lots of s and t and w, but he is really lacking speed because of the hydra blood in his body

he has 3 items

-special pendant from ultuan
a shiny emblem stolen from teclis, the great elf wizard
he has no armor. 4+ regen, and also has bound spell lvl 4 fireball

-guantlets of slawter
he has killed so many people in his life, but has never harmed a beast
jkblade has killing blow, but if it is a monster, he can cause it to do a monster reaction table on a 6+ in close combat, but will never attack a monster

-fearless cap
a dark hood that protects from evil thoughts of enemy wizards
this cap makes him magic resist 2, but he can also get swiftstride past turn 4

what do you guys think?
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