Saint's Kings of War 1000 Point Twilight Kin

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Saint's Kings of War 1000 Point Twilight Kin

Post by Saintofm »

So I am getting into the game, using my current army (will have to find a new use to the Bloodwrack Shrine, but I have plenty of use for myreaper minies).

So I am going to try this: 1000 points

2 Regiments of 20 Crossbowmen.

I did an all combat army last time so I wanted to try some more range units. Decent range, and they get +1 to wound with range attacks. This is size is Regiment size allows me to get 1 hero, war machine, or monster each.

10 Garygoyals troop. harpies. They are harpies. THey have Regen 3, so on a 3+ have a chance to regain some damage dealt to them. They aren't the toughest or strongest units in the game BUT like harpies and furries in 8th ed, are a nightmare against range attack units.

Regiment of 10 Dark Knights: Heavy Cavalry. Good movement, and a large number.

Hydra: he didn't do so well last time, but the more damage he takes the more damage he deals so I will try him in combo with the knights.

Dark Lord on Horse (actualy Velocoraptor, what else am I going to do with those cold ones). Would like to see what this guy can do in support.

Highpreistess of the Abyss with Bane Chant and Lightning Bolt: just seeing what she can do. Can do only one spell a turn, so I am just going to see what they are potentialy do. Fireball deals 10 hits, going to see if someone can explain bane chant in more detail, and Lightning does 5 hits but can do peircing.

WIll also try one other 1000 pointer either.
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