what other suggestions did ye have for the 6th ed. book?

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what other suggestions did ye have for the 6th ed. book?

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I was reading through a few old white dwarves when druchii.net's Dark Elf changes were mentioned in a batrep and it got me thinking: what other changes did you folks have in mind back then that didn't make it to the revision?

Are there any changes you'd still suggest for that book?

The consensus seems to be that the final version was middling, but a good bit better than the joke that it had previously been.

I've heard that the Black Guard are still pretty bad, so they could be given a +1 or +2 for their fancier armour (Dark Eldar Kabalites are getting this treatment in their new codex, which makes sense since they previously had the same armour save as a basic Cadian infantryman).

High Sorceresses could be given the option of a Black Dragon and Beastmasters the option of some kind of untamed Black Dragon with drawbacks.

I'm not sure about points values, but I wouldn't price Dark Elf warriors lower since they'd be silly at the price level of horde armies. Maybe some kind of minor generic buff?


Edit: also was this the topic he posted originally?
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