Converting WHF fan fic into None Warhammer fic

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Converting WHF fan fic into None Warhammer fic

Post by Saintofm »

I am trying to pull a 50 Shades: Converting fan fiction into not original fiction. In this case the Birth of a Dark Elf stuff. And well, I think your opinions as war gamers and shared terminology will make translating my thoughts easier

And I need some advise on world building. Since my protagonist will be starting off as a High Elf Kid with some Dark Elf Shenanigary thrown in, I will need some ideas starting with them, followed by the Dark Elves, and several other races both stand ins for Warhammer and original.

General world history: Most of the gods are refugees from other worlds destroyed by a collection of entities known as the Elderitch. They are demons and other creatures twisted into their own images. Countless worlds have fallen to them, but there is constant state of fighting between the different elements. The greater evils are there because they have stayed on top the longest, but should one be defeated the other powers to be will be fighting to fill that gap. After failing to take this world (need a name for it, will think of something) are in such a power struggle and its taking them a while to finalize things.

The main Eurasian stand in is shaped like a Brontosaurus coming out of the water, with its neck curving around.

In the Mediterranean region, a large sub continent called Altuda has the High Elf Kingdoms. Called Altudo, they still have some of their colonies, but since their civil war split them into the various elf factions, they are not as powerful as they once were. THey are still pretty powerful.

I see army building in this using a modified variant of 8th edition rules and then some for ease of story telling for the big battles, so I will be using that for the most part.

As for army building/nation building I am using something like old school skaven, with your mainstay units and some kingdom specific ones that are more limited in other armies. And there will be pretty pretty pictures.


Most kingdomes have the following units in various degrees.

Spearmen are modeled off the Greek Hoplite. Mostly made up of commoners that act as the national guard, though many are full time soldiers and city guard, they march forth towards the enemy. Row after row of spears gleaming in the sun approaching you like a porcupine backing up. Like the phalanx of old, its suicidal to attack the front without another unit of phalanx or weapons like some great words and glaives specially designed for fighting them, but their flanks and rears are prime targets. Most of them are made up of the most aggressive elves, or those with none satisfactory rate of shots and or accuracy with the bow.

Fast running athletes often join the armies as skirmishers with javelins, getting a running start to throw farther and harder into the enemy, or standing behind rows of swordsmen to while throwing javelins into the enemy.

Bowmen are the most popular unit to the high elves. An elegant weapon, not as random or inactivate as a fire arm. Usually a unit of two or three rows of ten will line up and take turns shooting and moving forward, much like an English volley with their guns (see the Film Zulu for an example of this in action). Others are much smaller and looser units of skirmishing scouts (the latter popular amongst the more a heavily mountainous or forested kingdoms).

Nobility usually comes in a few forms. Knights are either mounted chargers or foot knights. Tee former prefers barding, shield, heavy armor, and lance, while the latter will aid spearmen on their flanks, with light or heavy armor, and either sword and board or halberds or glaives.

Higher ranking nobles can be found as captains commanding smaller sections of the army, skirmishing forces, or carrying the general's banner.

The High Lord is the highest ranking officer at any given time, and has spent a lifetime studying the arts of war. While nepotism is still a thing, most families are wise enough to not let an idiot take command as that would leave their reputation in ruin and more importantly leave their armies in tatters.

Wizards of all flavors join the armies to test their metal, learn different things from different parts of the world, or to fulfill some duty to family and nation. The most powerful of these are called Magus and can be leaders of elves in their own right. What they lack in arms and armor they more than make up for their spell craft. A well placed spell can reduce a regiment of men to ashes, heal the most grievous of wounds, blind range units, or turn the enemy's line into a quagmire while their own army walks on safe and solid ground.

Warmachiens come in 3 types of Baristas.

The Wasp sting is molded off the Roman Scorpion. What they lack in power of the larger Bear Claw, they make up in maneuverability and you can field more easier


Bear Claw Baristas get their name from the fact they hit like a bear swiping at you. Firing spears or even boulders, they are good for attacking enemy formations or even enemy walls.

The last is the Stag Horn which is a repeating model. It lacks the range and power of the Bear claw, and more finicky than the other two, but a steady hand on the crank and you you have alot of bolts flying out. They get their name from the pair of antlers used as a targeting guides they can't do pin point shots, but accurate enough to put a dent in an enemy formation.

As a general rule, you'll hear Altudo formations a Bastion of Steel as they are trained to hold the ground and get as many hits in as possible, so this will be my attempt to try to visualize them fighting in multiple ranks when they don't move much.


Warhorse, Barded or the Fast ones used by the Attill Horse Lords (more on that but basically makes him on par with a Mongol lord of Crazy Horse).

They can ride any of the various nation only mounts if the army focuses on that kingdom.

Manticores are a proud tradition. This setting has them wingless, with scorpion tails and a head that is a mix of human and lion features. Some varieties have a tail that can flick venomous barbs at the enemy. An aggressive hunter, they enter the Frey to cause mayhem. Mostly the more warrior heavy or the monster tamer heavy kingdoms use them to reflect them.

Others take griffons which are large predators that are like what you find in Warhammer. Often said to be smarter than their rider, they are loyal companions and brothers in arm.

A lucky lord might have a Dragon, which might have started because they joined the battle as a rare choice unit, but eventually found a partner they like. The verities are Fire (noted for a firry breath and a battle hungry persona), Swam (black scaled and black hearted creatures that spray acid like a spitting cobra and are notorious for toying with their prey), Forrest (intellectuals and guardians of knowledge, with a poisonous breath), or Coastal Storm Dragons (flighty speed freaks that enjoy racing and going fast).

In addition to the normal ways we say stuff use breath attacks in 8th edition, I am adding strafing as why not. They can fly over a unit and depending on how many ranks they fly over, dealing xx amount of hits. We see this in fiction all the time. Why not here? Most things with a breath attacks have 3 shots before they exhaust their reserves.

Not sure about giant eagles yet as this might get too much into liability with GW's lawyers. Will wait for your opinions on them.

The Kingdom of Peral.
This is where my Protagonist will grow up. Most of it is on the coast, although he was born inland. Long ago many of the cities floated like giant lily pads. Now only four remain, and only 2 in High Elf hands. One is called Salica, the Capital and a place where only the King's favorites can stay as the housing prices make San Francisco look affordable. The other is Yama, City of law where the main Barraks is held. A grim and spartan place, its the true seat of power and people know this.

Overall it is still the main seafaring nation, with it being a popular hub for merchants. Many a mercenary stops by here on their way from one war to another, explorers update maps and share what they discovered, and many a none elf lives in their cities. Ogres, Halflings, humans, and even Dwarven Rage Born (slayers) can be found in their armies looking for adventure. Peral is also famous for their people so accustomed to the water they practicly walk over it, and rarly if ever get sea sick.

The unique mount is the Water Pony, a clydesdale sized animal that resembles a horse, and can magically allow its rider to breath underwater. They need to be near water for them to survive in comfort, but the amphibious animal makes fighting at sea much easier, with many a ship from Peral have a way to let them go underwater from within the lower decks, and come back when they are done. Perfect for ambushing enemies. Rare even for Peral, few are ever taken to foreign enjoyments but expect them to field dozens of squadrons when defending Altuda's coasts. THeir riders earn the name of Sea Knight.

Sea trolls are another rare sight even among the elves. Smart enough to know their Kappa masters, who stage raids from one of the Lilipad cities they call home, find they are treated and fed better by the elves. Only a few clans are fighting for the elves, and they all fight for Peralans. Like other trolls what they lack in brainpower they make up for it in strength and near indestructability. They fear fire and acid, but otherwise most blows will bounce off rubbery skin or wounds that would fell an ogre will heal in a breath's time.

Duelists are a common sight in all elvin cities, but their guilds pockmark Peral. While happy to have gang fights in their cities, they are taken to war to deal with city fights, and taking the battle house to house. Many are lead by assassins, many runaways from the service of the dark elves. They are common enough most don't bat an eye, and several use their arts in service of the lords of Peral, or as bouncers in bars, or teaching a new generation of swordsmen.

harpies are both a threat and a blessing, with many a colony on trade routes. A few clever elves have figued out how to use them in battle. Most of the time its pointing them in the right direction and they do the rest, harrassing lightly armored and armored units like archers and warmachine crews, or chasing down those that flee the battle.

The most common dragon are the coastal dragons which playfully race small yots, and spit lightning at their prey, which can spread to others.


Berall: When the Eveil Queen that would later lead the dark elves showed her true colors, it was Berall that was prepared. While she plotted on the Sapphire throne, it was this nation that put agents in every nation, recruiting entire clans to fight the coming civil war. As they fougth the hardest, they suffered the most with much of their land falling into the sea. Now a fraction of what it was, it is still the spy hub hub of the empire, its coasts protected by techerous waters and the creatures within them.

As they have been used and abused by the forces of the Elderitch, few people hate the Elderitch and their followers as hotly as these people.

Hydras are common here, vestage from when they were used by the eldritch. Instead of exterminating them, they often have beeastmasters of Quartzel come and harness their raw power to their cause. Able to regenerate quickly, and spit out poisonous needles, they are living siege weapons.

Coastal dragons area common choice, and for an army that likes to be on the move they are wonderful have watching your back.

However their most famous units are the Ghost Warriors that originate from this land. Brutal survivalists, they hunt down all threats to the elves. Though many would see them as savages, others know they are just dedicated to the art of rooting out evil, and will never leave this. As they are experts in assassination, sabotage, ambushes, and infiltration few lords would dare not take them.

Emeraldis: THe birth of all elves it is said, its boarders are protected by Peral, Berall, Rubalon and Diamanda.

Vast cities are incorporated into forests, with the trees being molded into living abodes. Dryads of all ranks live in these communities, taking sweethearts and raising families with the elves. Tradition states that they only take from the land what they need, and to give back. Many have taken to raising injured or orphan animals until they area ready to be released. In the case of bears, they tend to stick around. Many are incorporated into the defence of the towns, with several regiments for spear and swordsmen having a few intheir regiments as comrades.

Most units of soldiers are skirmishing archers, doing hit and run attacks through the trees. Larger formations perfer ling in weight, and then striking. They have been at home in the forest for so long, they are dance around the trees. Rarly will you find heavy knights here.

Dryads look beautiful, but can change their visage into a warlike form to suit battle. Some even ride plant like beasts like knights on a horse. Communities are often lead by Hamadryads, with the eldest called Asleids, leading dozens of communities. Mixing magic and nature's wrath, they join their elven comrades in defending their lands and venturing out to take the fight to said threats.

Ents, massive treelike creatures, patrol the forests, shepherding the plant and animal life as guardians and sages.

Strangest still are the Rose knights: Plant people the Hight of an ogre but quiet guardians in the shape of a knight. While they never speak, they act on the very will of their general where they are needed most.

Druids keep ancient knowledge, and use their spells to strengthen the comunity and their warriors. It is said when one is lost, an entire library has gone with them. Thus they make good companions for FOrest dragons who are alsways hungry for knowledge adna good conversation. As they slither through the trees hunting prey, they act as guardians for the Druids and the Driads and Elves they care for. If a dragon is to take a wizard as a rider, chances as it will be one of these.

One of the oldest traditions is for elf maidens from around Altuda to join the Queen's guard, either in her spear formation of the rows of archers. They serve for a hundred years at least and either choose to be married off to a lucky man, or stay on. THose that stay on usualy do so for loyalty, but sometimes its because of their sisters in battle becomes more than that to them.


Rubala: Further north is Rubala, a kingdom that thrives on war. While Berall suffered greatly durring the civil war, they lost their honor for any joined the Spider Queen and her armies. Those that remained loyal must live with this shame.

Swamp Hydras are commonly used, and it is tradition for a young lord to hunt and either kill or tame a wild manticore before they are alowed to lead an army.

Harpies and the smarter and more mercurial Furriers are commonly used. Furriers were created from Harpy stock by the dark elves to replicate the winged demons of the Elderitch, but instead made a capricious warriors. A few decided to sell their services to the High Elves, particularly the Rubalons, as their pay and treatment was better, and the menfolk were better looking.

TO help ensure trechery never blooms again in this land, Rubalon keeps several clans of Ghost Warriors in their kingdom and treats them with aw and respect. An order of knights, known as the Carnifex Chivies, ride to battle with scythes and long handled maces, hunting down traitors and delivering a swift deadly blow.

As they are one of two nations that connect Altuda to the mainland, they also maintain one of the strongholds that keeps the undead legions or other intruders from taking a land route. They also often hire themselves as mercenaries to fight in other people's wars to keep them in top shape, and report back the tactics of the rest of the world.

Swamp Dragons rise from their murky lairs in search for prey to torment, and it takes little to encourage them to attack the enemies of the Rubalons. Though deemed the most evil of natural dragons, they have surprised observers by showing mercy, or taking the comands of an innocent child from time to time.

THe most deadly ally are the Arachne. THose sorcerers that earn the ire of the Spider Queen, or their families, are tranformed into the spider centours. Massive monster larger than a ox pulled wagon, they seek vengence for their present state. WIth spear, and bow, they use their toxic seliva to coat their weapons and deal agonizing blows upon their enemies, with their matrons swearing their feildty to the highelves.

Dimanada: THis is a kingdom of three peoples that made the first aliance amongst the elvin people. In the vast planes are the Attill Horse Lords. Practicly born in the saddle, they learn to ride before they can walk, and shoot an bow before they can make complete sentences. Once raiders, they have since turned their services as scouts, messengers, and harrassers of enemy forces. Every kingdom has a few thousand of these riders acting as such in every major city, but here they are the most numerous.

Those of the Diamanda cities that give the kingdom its name, mastered the chariot, with smaller sleeker ones attacking with bow and spear, while heavier ones use javalines and scythed wheels to attack enemies.

Finaly the Lion Clans (may need to redo this one). Mountaineers, they attack with great ax, and beguine their charge by throwing a pair of smaller war axes. THey are master monster hunters, often taming entire prids of lions to use as hunting hounds and war hounds. A few take to the deeper into the mountains where they fight the strongest of beasts, the Pewter lion. Changed by the Elderitch Demon lord Typhus before changing sides to that of the High Elf Pantheon, he made them larger and their skin as tough as the pewter they get their name from. While a number of hunters die in the attempt, and many more can kill the beasts, a few can fight them to a stand still. After a day of battle and a shared pint, the two come back to the camp as partners in battle and the hunt.

THe Current Sapphire King that rules all high elves comes from such clans. These clans are also unique as they are far larger and stronger than most elves.


Amaryth: THe land of magic, where it is said even a tavern maid can cast potent magic. An overexaggerating, but given all alludo wizards study here, it maintains such. As such, they often import none magical warriors such as spearmen and knights for the bulk of their armies.

The most powerful of such are called Spell Lords, who master several schools of magic, and weild them all with ease. They are also the only ones allowed to ride the hyppogriff, a creature said to been formed when a deflected spell from a duel hit a great eagle and horse, merging the two animals. From then on the rare animal has been a part of the High Elf armies since.

None magical elves born to magical families face all manner of grief, seen as wasted effort by their families. They intern take to the longsword, and dedicate themselves to its use, the intellectual arts, and investigations. They are the FBI of the elves, and root out evil throughout. Many with slight magical talent may ride on horseback against the enemy, while many of these become masters of this order. Many can cast spells, but occasionally leaves them with splitting headaches afterword's.

This is basicly a 6th edition Tzeentchen army

Obsidia: A land of fire, where the smith priests rule, and warriors race their steeds fighting the fire demons within.

Smith priests have a friendly rivalry with that of the dwarves, and many take a pilgrimage to visit each other's lands to learn new tricks and share their knowledge. In battle they use their magic to enchant weapons and repair damaged arms and armor.

Tradition has them make a space and a nest for phoenixes. Large birds of fire, if they like what the priest has done (and they always do) they make a nest and help stoke their fires. A few even ride them into battle, strafing the enemy with their embers.

A unique form of hound, many believe have eldritch origins, are the Fire Pups. They spit fire, and are easily trained like any other dog. Most are protective at best, or hundred pound animals that think they are lap animals. A few go to battle and the hunt, tearing into enemy units with strong jaws and fiery breath.

Rare but well beloved are the Fire Drakes. Large omnivorious reptiles, they are often found by farmers who use them to plu their feilds. However as such creatures are rarly taken to serve elves, when an elf does they are automaticly given the rank of knight and trained and equiped as such. Most continue farming but others become full nobility and leaders of elves. WIth strong jaws, tough higes, and the ability to spit fire, it is little wonder why they are highly desired by the lords of Obsidia.

Quartel: THis Kingdome is well known for a few things. Real men wear pink. They, like the Rubalons, protect the land bridge that connects Altuda to the main continent. ANd they love training and taming wild beasts. Basicly the Steve Irwin Kingdom (sans his crippling fear of birds, yes the Crocodile Hunter was afraid of birds) they rarely hunt for sport, and prefer to move problem animals than to kill them. Howver they also find animals that terrify others as cute.

Manticores are kittens to them, and even the mighty Chimera will obey them like a well behaved dog. Thus they make frequent use of them. THeir nobility are mostly footknights and those that can tame the most dangerous predators.

A favorite amongst them are the Cockatrice. Though it is only a legend they turn people to stone with their icy stare, these terror birds can often make an animal freeze with fear just by looking at them. Their riders in turn make use of them as fast moving scouts and harassers of the enemy, picking off struggling units, or aiding knights in other kingdoms.

Their most famous of monsters is the Bronta. A long necked sauropod, with a whip like tail and a lumbering pace. They most make good animals for construction and lifting heavy loads, but in war can be fitted with a howdah with a pair of Wasp Sting Baristas and elves with bows and long spears. They prefer to move at a ponderous pace, but their strong kicks can leave a shield wall a bloody mess in seconds.

AMbrian: A sparely populated kingdom of mountains and mines. Because of the terrain, most elves prefer Pedasi, or act in small scouting units of archers. Their bread and butter is in the mines where they dig for metals and precious stones. Even nobles dig and move carts, saying its the best training.

Amonst them that help dig are the Scorpi: THose lovers and grand generals that failed the Spider Queen the most, they are given the worst transformation, with few surviving, and fewer still worthy of such a fate. Almost always male, they have little hope of propigating, but instead choose to live the best life they can. Many defect and make their way to Ambrian, where their burrowing skills, and abilities to move amogst the mountains make them valuble allies. Thanks to their efforts, underground passages fit for a dwarf hold connect AMbrian safley to the other kingdoms

Citrian: A island nation in the shape of a cresent moon. The mediterainian weather is perfect for the island paradise, known for its fruits, its healing arts, and its silk trade. Arachne that can controle their anger often come here, where they use their silks to reinfoce war uniforms with silks stronger than steel. OTher suse them to fish, providing most of most of their blood diet.

Bramble Sages, who lead the island, teach healing arts and attempt to restor lands to their proper state. Berall and Rubalon have owned them countless debts of gratitude for their efforts, so their soldiers often protect the small islands.

Saphirite: Not really a kingdom but a city state in the middle of the nation. Here the title of Sapphire King is bestowed upon any man or woman of elvin blood deemed worthy to take it. The city houses advisors, generals, soldiers, and the King's personnel guard. Each king prefers a different guard, with horse born lords likening a strong cavalry, while foot loggers like those on the ground. Note both of these are what I am basing body guard and élite units on for other kingdoms.

When they go to war, it means the Sapphire king wants this to succeed at all coasts. The guard is made up of the most loyal of elves, who are tested and retested. Some are even of Dark elf stock, having chosen to serve him instead of assaassinating this ruler.


The Gateway Forts: need a better name, but they are all named after the enemy that most plagues that area, they are the fortress or fortress town that was put up to protect a main road that leads to the heart of Altuda, namly Sapphitite.

Goblin Gate: Instead of one fort, a series of fortressess on rocky islands that are in constant repair due to the seas and the terrors they bring. Most elves spend a few months there then rotate out with another group. Others are sentenced there for years for some blunder or perceived wrong. Many a noble either as punishment or tradition send their children there to learn leadership and responsabilities.

In most cases its a dreadfully boring watch. However the rare times that danger does aproach, it can be a nightmare to fend off the attackers be they humans from the Hatura Sultanate (Ottoman Empire stand in) or the Kappa turtle goblins, or demons, or even dark elf raiding fleets.

After surving such forces, those that are there are slowly transfered out so their replacements can learn what needs to be done; those coming home given full pardons and great rewards.

Harpy Gate: Mostly made up of Peralans, but Rubalns and Emeraldans also send their troops there. It is next to a mountainside infested with harpies. Its also rutinly used by dark elves looking for an easy place to raid as many a high elf is more worried about the harpy problem then them. occationaly a full scale war breaks out adn the defender have to hold the line until reinforcments come.

Chimera Gate: Manned by Quartzl and Ambrian, their main worry is demons, Cults of the Elderitch, Dark Dwarves, Orcs, Rattite (skaven) and goblins. As they also bring with them a load of monsters, these enemies eventualy just become food for their "pets."

Desikratin Gate: A large swath of land largly baren of life. It is where a demon gate, a portal that demons use to enter this world, is located. Several forts are here, and plenty of elves from every kingdom and just as many mercinaries stay here for years at a time to deal with the monsters in this land. Every once in a while, wizards and seers predict its opening; aliances are made adn the gate is sourounded by the best warriors, the strongest monsters, and the greatest of war machines to deal with the near endless threat that spews out of it.

THe Scopion Gate: A colony on the southern continent (Africa stand in), its nestled between Nubia (North African based Kingdom), and The Moon SUltanet (a colony of the Ottomon Empire that became powerful enough to be its own nation, but still enjoys the perks of the motherland). Its main purpose is to hunt pirates and slavers, and keep an eye on the Dark elve's movements.

WHat are your thoughts and areas that need improvments.

THe reason for most of the units is so I can have a variety and incase I want to do a story in a different area.

If you wants states, I can put them up for those units. After I think I have this dealt with with your sugestions, I will then move onto dark elves, followed by Wood Elves, the EMpire Stand in, good and evil Skaven armies, good and evil Beast men, Orcs, Goblins, Hob Goblins, Halflings, Dwarves, ogres, and so on.
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Re: Converting WHF fan fic into None Warhammer fic

Post by Red... »

I think it's an interesting idea, but I'm a little confused as to what you are intending this lore to be for. Is this the creation of an army book for a game kind of like warhammer? a novel you are writing? something else?

If it's for a novel, I think you are investing your energy too much into creating units and not enough into doing things like story arc creation and character development. It's important to do some world building, yes, but this seems more like an army book with a relatively shallow amount of detail given to each unit than the foundations for a novel, if I'm honest.

Beyond creating the world, you want to give some thoughts as to what are the main events going to be? who are the main characters going to be? what are their interactions with each other going to be like? are they going to be observers of bigger events going on in the world or people who drive those changes? etc
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