War Box Battle Reports

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War Box Battle Reports

Post by War Box Gaming »

Hi all!

We have just started our channel, but we are trying hard! Check out our batreps here:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk-zgu ... BgucjlxgjA

We promise Dread Elves are coming soon (the forces are literally assembling now :) ).
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Re: War Box Battle Reports

Post by Duckman5 »

Great to see new content, but for my personal absorption, an hour and a half long video is a bit much. I like the more chopped-up narrative "highlights" style of some other videos, SkaveninAZ comes to mind.
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Re: War Box Battle Reports

Post by [llct]kain »

great :burns:

but realy agrees that 1:30 for the length is a bit over the top ...
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