Amulet of Spite ​(ex Ring of Hotek): best to use/deliver ?

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Amulet of Spite ​(ex Ring of Hotek): best to use/deliver ?

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I am getting tired of the ultra fast/agressive style of my Lust/Slaanesh DL list, but wanted to wait with DE for 2.0 beta.
As the beta will need some more weeks now I am "forced" :P to dig into the DE more deeper.

When checking the army book the Amulet of Spite ​(70 pts) caught my attention.
In the past I liked the Ring of Hotek on Pagsus to annoy the enemy, shut down one or two spells and hunt some lone war machines.

Unfortunately the Midnight cloak is also a Talisman, the seadragon cloak is gone - and if going for a Captain I have only 30 points left for equipment which cancels the crimson mail.
So the old ways to make the pegasus bit save from shooting are not there anymore (which is ok, in the end the Old World isn't there anymore).

Is there any nice combo to make something similiar to the old Pagasus with Ring of Hotek.
Or which other ways you are using that nifty item.
Happy to found a new home & love after the Old World was f***** up by GW:
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