The rules forum rules. READ THEM! updated 06/09-06

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The rules forum rules. READ THEM! updated 06/09-06

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0. Look for the answer yourself
(Yes, zero since this is really intuitive but many miss) Start by trying to answer the question yourself. Read the relevant pages of the rulebook. If you don’t know what happens when someone fails a fear test, then read the book first. And only if you do not understand what it says can you ask in here.
Being lazy and not even having the energy to look up the rulebook is both rude and can sometimes be interpreted as trying to breach Copyright.
For further copyright information, read this thread:

1. Read the FAQs
When asking, please take a moment to read through the FAQ thread and the first page. Many questions are already answered in the FAQ. By reading at least the latest page of questions, you will not ask something that was asked a day or two ago.

2. Use a meaningful title
Please make the title actually say something meaningful. "I got a question" or "hey dudes, can I like do this man?" are not helpful. "A fear question" is more helpful as then others can more quickly find if something is already answered.

3. Explain the question thoroughly
Please try and explain yourself as best you can, and also if possible give out page numbers of the rulebook/chronicles/army book that deals with the situation. This makes it easier for people to look up the relevant pages and answer you. If we continue with the Fear question from point 2, then you could say "pages 81-82 in the rulebook deal with fear, but I don´t really understand..." and then describe whatever has you confused. If you do not know if there even is a rule about it at all then you of course wont be expected to know the page number.

4. Clear answers
When answering try and explain yourself clearly. If you are guessing then clearly state that "I seem to recall" or "my guess would be" is not that hard to type. If you for some odd reason want to add what your own house rule is then also clearly state that this is a house rule! Try and supply page nr that verify your answer. Also a short quote from the book is permissible as long as you don’t give out whole rules. Where is the line? If someone can use the quoted line without owning the rulebook you have given out too much.

5. Off Topic discussions
Any off topic discussions will be deleted with no explanation given. Any tactics advice is counted as off topic. This is about rules questions, not tactics, the latest telletubbies episode or whether or not Korn is a good band.

6. Your responsibility
All posters are assumed by default to have read these rules. Any complaints similar to "I didn’t know" will be ignored.

7. Set of Rules
All the normal rules for are of course still in effect. Those rules can be found here: