Frenzied Bloodwrack Shrine

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Frenzied Bloodwrack Shrine

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In case a Bloodwrack Shrine becomes frenzied, does the hags and medusa have an additional attack ?
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General Kael
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Re: Frenzied Bloodwrack Shrine

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Technically frenzy gives the model the extra attack special rule, and that states that the model gets one additional attack. I play it that every one gets the +1 attacks, but the rules say only one attack per model.
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Re: Frenzied Bloodwrack Shrine

Post by Calisson »

p.86 Chariots and special rules => same as for cavalry.
p.82 Cav and special rules: "If the rider or the mount have Frenzy, the whole model is subject to Berserk Rage, but only the element with the Frenzy rule gains an extra attack"

My interpretation is that Frenzy is granted by witchbrew or COB to all elements parts of each model, i.e. each profile of the model gets +1A, i.e. the medusa and the two attendants would get +1A (the chariot itself has no attack and would not get any).
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Re: Frenzied Bloodwrack Shrine

Post by Thraundil »

Yes, I also see it this way. You got an attack on your profile - now you got one more.
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