cauldron poison/razor banner

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cauldron poison/razor banner

Post by toots »

hi there,

if the unit in which the cauldron is located has the razor banner, do the cauldron's impact hits then have the armour piercing special rule?

do the impact hits (regardless of razor banner) have the poison attacks special rule?


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Re: cauldron poison/razor banner

Post by Daeron »

I think the rules for impact hits rule out the benefits of other special rules. I'm not 100% sure though.
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Re: cauldron poison/razor banner

Post by Cicciuz »

I would say the poison is not used for sure as the impact hits, hits automatically so you do not throw any dice for them
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Re: cauldron poison/razor banner

Post by Lord Drakon »

Impact Hits do get armour piercing, same as Impact Hits count as flaming with flaming banner (to get rid of regen)
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