Wizard and Stupidity

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Wizard and Stupidity

Post by Cicciuz »

If a wizard has stupidity and fail the stupidity test in his turn, he can not move (only D6 forward), can not channel and can not cast a spell.
can he still try to dispel a spell that remain in play during his magic phase? if not, can his army try to dispel anything during their magic phase?

Fate of Bjuna on a wizard, and this does not kill him but leave him stupid
cast doom and darkness to the same wizard.
during his turn the wizard fail the stupidity test. during the magic phase can he try to dispel D&D? can his army try to do it?

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Re: Wizard and Stupidity

Post by Daeron »

- Can a wizard still dispel in his turn, after failing a stupidity test? I think not, but I don't know for sure.
- Can an army still dispel a remains-in-play spell in their own magic phase? Yes.
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Re: Wizard and Stupidity

Post by Calisson »

Here is the rule: p.76 ME 'EAD 'URTS ...The Stupid unit cannot take any further action that turn...
As to dispel is known to require concentration, there is no way to pretend it is a passive attribute of wizards.
Therefore, the rule applies and the wizard cannot attempt to dispel.
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