Cauldron of Blood+ Magic Resistance question.

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Cauldron of Blood+ Magic Resistance question.

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The rulebook on page 72 says a character with MR that joins a unit gives it to the whole unit.

The Dark elf book says the cauldron of blood joins and leaves units as if it were a character but otherwise is not treated as a character and can only join and leave units like one.

So doesn't that mean its therefore just a chariot that move in and out of units like a character but isn't a character so doesn't grant MR1 to the whole unit? Because that's an ability beyond just joining and leaving units?

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Re: Cauldron of Blood+ Magic Resistance question.

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The cauldron itself isn't a character, so it can't be challenged etc. However, it joins the unit like a character, and so I would assume that all rules for joining a unit, such as granting magic resistance to the unit, counts.
I'm not the expert but as far as I have observed, it has been consistently ruled that the Cauldron, and the Bloodwrack Shrine give their MR to the unit.
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