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ETC question

Post by zen »

What does the following comp point mean?

● 2 (or part thereof) character on other mounts above 1

Does this mean 3 Cold One characters counts as two comp points or three?

I'm thinking its two, but the "or part thereof" is confusing me.
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Re: ETC question

Post by Holt »

In your example they would cost 1 comp point as the first mounted character is "free" and then you pay 1 comp point for every 2 mounted characters from there on.

The part thereof means that you pay the comp point even if you were to only take one of the 2 mounted characters. I'm having a bit of a hard time finding the right words so instead I'll show it like this:

one mounted character: No comp points
two mounted characters: 1 comp points
three mounted characters: 1 comp points
four mounted characters: 2 comp points
five mounted characters: 2 comp points
six mounted characters: 3 comp points
seven mounted characters: 3 comp points
eight mounted characters: 4 comp points
nine mounted character: 4 comp points

My current list has 2 Cauldrons of Blood. As they count as mounts the first one does not take up any comp points but the second one does. I could then take a third character on a coldone for example and that would not take up any extra comp points.

Hope that is a bit clearer. Keep in mind that characters on Dark Steeds or Pegasus mounts come under the other bullet point about been 1 comp point each.
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