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Well done to all those who took part!

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dungeon_god wrote:
Matras wrote:Yes, but it would be overkill - and as far as I know, there is no non-champion model with two basic attacks in the warhammer world. Our Execs are now pretty good, I think.

Chaos Warriors, Chosen.

Chaos Knights, Chosen.

Chaos chosen warriors are 20 points each, chosen knights are 45 points. And only one unit is allowed, for good reason!

VS my 4 units of executioners with two S5 attacks each!

They'd be better than CoK this way! Against anything! On a charge CoK do 4.17 wounds to spearmen, these execs do 5.75 wounds!

Every other turn even after taking 1.65 wounds they'd be doing 4 wounds back to the spearmen... and that is just spearmen.
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I understand. I was merely pointing out that there are, in fact, R&F units that do have 2 attacks apiece.

And, IMO, Chaos Warriors are much better than our Exes, even if the Exes did have two attacks.