CHARACTERS: Favoured Bride of Khaine

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CHARACTERS: Favoured Bride of Khaine

Post by Langmann »

I am using Metallurgist's name as it seems quite an appropriate name.

I don't know why they took her out, it was such a colorful character IMHO.
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Post by Metallurgist »

Could be added, and would be very characterful and cool.

Of course, there already is a Temple of Khaine hero, and another hero might be a bit much. But it would be very cool!

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Post by Thanee »

Yep, I think a Witch Elf hero would be great! Many people would love to have her available and it would allow much better themed Temple of Khaine lists, altho you still need another character as General.

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Post by Matras »

Absolutely. How about this:

Favored Bride of Khaine - 90 Pts.
The Favored Bride of Khaine has gone a long way in the blood-stained ranks of the Witchelves, and her Dark God clearly smiles upon her. In battle, her bloodlust even surpasses those of her sisters.

stats like noble, apart from I 8
Weapons: two poisoned handweapons
Options: may take light armour (+2 points)
May ride a Dark Pegasus (+ 55 pts.) or a manticore (+190 pts.)
May choose up to 50 pts of equipment / abilities from the common or Darkelf Magic Items list or from the Temple of Khaine
Special Rules: Hates Highelves, Poisonous Attacks, Bride of Khaine, Frenzy, Battlelust, Favored by Khaine
Battlelust: The Favored Bride of Khaine is completely fixed on leading her sisters towards the enemy to slaughter their opponents for the glory of Khaine. She may not be the General of the army, even if she has the highest leadership. She may not join any other unit than Witchelves, which she may lead as far as Ld is concerned.
Favored by Khaine: Khaine smiles upon his Bride and those she leads. If you field a Favored Bride of Khaine, you must also field at least one unit of Witchelves.

I am not quite sure about the Common / Druchii Items list. It seems slightly wrong that a witchelf should run around with, say, the Crimson Death or so. What do YOu think?
I would think that giving her the chance to be mounted on a manticore would pose no problem - the Beastmaster can have one of those, and she can all too easily be shot down from there, so it would not be unfair.
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Post by Inquisitor black »

I don't think any hero level character apart from the beastmaster should be allowed on a manticore. A pegusus, maybe, but a manticore, nup.

I like your stats though. As you said, I dont think she should be able to choose things from the magic lists, only the temple of khaine. Give her a 50 points allowance from the temple of khaine, so she can have her ward save ect.
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Post by Dungeon_god »

I like it.