GP update?

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Well done to all those who took part!

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GP update?

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I don't want to be pushy but shouldn't there be an update by now?

There are several units which have been complained about repeatedly, by several people, or units which should be added to the list, with constructive arguments.

Here are some of the new revisions and suggestions I remember :

- Cheaper assasin
- Death Queen
- Executioner ideas (espcially like the strike back even when slain rule).
- Cauldron of Blood
- Cheaper Black Guard
- Harpies as core choice


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At the moment we are waiting for Gav's comments re the Revision. Until he gets back to us with some indication as to where his thoughts are going with this, any update is moot.

Please be patient and continue with the work you are doing. :D
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If we want Petition to be accepted by GW we need to have strong arguments, we need to check all of thise stuf during playtests, so IMO we need to focus on it. Why not to do thing like this to make GP palytest faster: lets make kind of harmonogram: e g eweryone from PlaytestG neet to make at least one palytes and post results till Monday at site, next during some next two days we all will be analising data and think about things to change and so on til next monday next palytes with new ideas based on expiriance from previous week and so on and so on to the pure ideal army list????
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