a friend's (non-druchii) view of lifelines

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a friend's (non-druchii) view of lifelines

Post by Ewok »

My friend, a very respected veteran tournament player, (he played Khemri long time before the army book) suggested lifelines as a best method of upgrading characters without meddling too much with magic items, he even drew 3 examples:
1. Witch Elf: females only :D , no armour, can't join units other than Witch Elves, frenzy,counts as Witch Elf for CoB and ToK items - cost + 20 pts
2. Executioner: models on foot only, free draich, no magic weapons, killing blow, Executioners can have heavy armour for +1 pts. per model - cost +30 pts.
3. Black Guard: hero and and unit he joins are stubborn and hate enemy - cost +45 points

Any comments?
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Post by Langmann »

The units need to be able to fight by themselves. This is no longer hero hammer. Not all people want to have to use characters to make their units capable of fighting.

The lifelines are a good idea for adding fluff to a special list or special characters but not to make the units better themselves.

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