Palytest Army List 1,5k

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Well done to all those who took part!

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Palytest Army List 1,5k

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In next game I want to check some units: Beastmaster, City Guard formation (not need to be checked we all kneaw that we love it), COKs with 9Ld and rod of Doom (I've been using it once I finde it wery parctice). It is my army list:

2lv Sorc [general]
2x Dispell

2lv Sorc
Rod of Doom

Master of the Wild

2x 15 Citty Guard [Standard]

16 corsairs [ful command]


2x RBT
It should be around 1,5k. I dont want to play BG or EXEC now. If you have any advices you are wellcome. After playing I will post results here, but I don't kneaw date yet because fo forthcomming tournament - I need to test my armylist but I hope next week I will finde a time to do it.
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