Revision Rumors

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Well done to all those who took part!

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Revision Rumors

Post by Naram sin »

While I was playing tooday in a Shop and a seller dold me that GW are preparing revision I've asked them who told him that and his response was Polish Hobby Manager and he gave me some examples but that was mix of our ideas but he made some mistakes whe he was telling me that. He said something about 5+KB for Exec.

I've sent an email to this Hobby manager and asked him what he kneaw.
Have you heard any rumors about our revision from people who isn't Druchii??
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Post by Ewok »

I've heard many rumours, but they seem to be reflections of our playtesting action here at
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The Aspect of Murder
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Post by Grogsnotpowwabomba »

I agree. Most of the rumors I hear are pretty much related to this Revision.

Its good that the buzz is starting though. It makes it more acceptable to people. :)
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