Sorry I havent playtested much...

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Well done to all those who took part!

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Lord Veshnakar
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Sorry I havent playtested much...

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Sorry I havent playtested much guys , I have been studying to get my masters recently and havent really had much time to spare.... but I have a match set up this weekend and hopefully ill get to play it. My list looks awesome, I have a good feeling about this revision.

Like a got a cool new highborn combo

231 points- Highborn in chariot (the chariot I know is 95 but I consider that seperate) w/ an additional hand weapon,the Cloak of Nightmare,the Insignia of Authority, and Touch of Death.

This means he gets 5 S4 attacks with killing blow,2+ armor save , and a 4+ ward save, and im using this combo vs lizardmen in 2150 points and its a 4-6 turn battle (randomly determined), and I think im going to win but youll have to see the outcome yourself, lizardmen has a way of putting in more then you think they can.
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Morathi's Favoured
Morathi's Favoured
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Real life has taken over for a few of us at the moment, me included. The main thing is to just do as much as you can and post the results. Good luck for the weekend ( and with the Masters of course ).

About the combination above, you can't give an additional hand weapon to anyone who is mounted if my memory serves me correctly.
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Dark reaper
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About the combination above, you can't give an additional hand weapon to anyone who is mounted if my memory serves me correctly.

Wow, it is right, must be first time. :lol:
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Malekith's Tastetester & Physician
Malekith's Tastetester & Physician
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Correct DA.
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Naram sin
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OK guys I will write my report tommorow morning now I'm exausted, I was playig twice but with wery poor results. I will writte full report from 1k battle and summary of 1500pts battle. I will try to enforce friend to playnext week another battle this time against VC.
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