Need help compiling?

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Well done to all those who took part!

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Need help compiling?

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I read the post about the standings with GW. I hereby want to offer my help: Would it be usefull if I posted all the comments the play testers gave under the units or magic items that we have created?

p.e. I will type down the hand of T'sarra and under it all the comments people gave about the hand in the battle reports:
- overpowered because blabla,....
- Usefull too expensive
- Very fluffy would not use it again.

I don't know how much time GW wants to put in reading all our battle reports but I can somewhat imagine that they don't want to reread all the battle reports. So this can become a very quick refererence sheet.
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Post by Langmann »

That is my sad job...

Right now playtesting is the major help I need. However I will put you on the backburner for later when I am sure I'll need help.

Thank you. :D
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