Revised items: Clarifications and tweaks

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Revised items: Clarifications and tweaks

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While studying the new items and when playtesting them, I came across some minor problems:

When a Highborn with the Executioner's Axe and the Blood Armour causes a single wound which is multiplied to D3 wounds, does the Armour increase by one, or by the result of the D3?

How are the results of the Blade of Chill worked out against rank-and-file?
Maximum result: Two saved wounds and two unsaved wounds means to enemies killed, two enemies chilled.
You can only chill one enemy, as you are in combat with one enemy, and do not strike at others until this one is killed. Thus: one saved wound means one opponent chilled, two saved wounds also mean one opponent chilled.
Two unsaved wounds and one saved wound means two opponents killed, none chilled (the chilling wound is considered to be done to one of the dead guys)
This one might require a clarification in the rules.

Also, I've talked with a friend of mine with some of the smaller 'exceptions' in the revision rules. They don't always seem appropriate, and I think they should be left out:

Staff of Slavery:
Each time the spell is dispelled, roll a D6. On a roll of 1, the power of the Staff has been exhausted and it may not be used for the rest of the battle.

I don't recall any other item that only becomes exhausted when dispelled. Somehow, this feels like we don't really want the 'drain-clause', and are trying to twist it so that it isn't too bad for us. I would make this a normal exhaustion: always roll a D6 when the Staff is used.

Rubric of Dark Dimensions (1 wound version):
The amulet works on those in this life, and the undead in the next, as the undead also possess the necessary necromantic energy to animate their corpses.

By stating this, it realy feels like you want to get out under the 'undead have no souls rule'. If you leave this text out, there is no problem. (And perhaps it just shouldn't work on Undead; swap this description with the Steal Soul spell from Lore of Death)
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You are right on the staff of slavery, but on the other hand, have you seen the Book of Arkhan for VC?? Power level 3 exhaust on 1, 25 points. I would much rather have that, especially since it is a pretty good spell.
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I think Purple is right.
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