REVISION : the timetable of events

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Well done to all those who took part!

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REVISION : the timetable of events

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Read in conjunction with what I have said in my announcement in the General Discussion forum.........

This is the timetable of events for the next few weeks to finish this off.

22 April - Gav will send me an email outlining what he thinks should be in the 'Errata' and what he thinks are the best 'Trial Rules'

2 May - We send a provisional article to Gav illustrating how we see things, based on his comments.

16 May - Jointly, we confirm the final contents of the article

To all Playtesters and those who become playtesters: Time is limited on this now so get to work. Continue to playtest, targeting the specific areas of Executioners, the Cauldron and any new ideas for Spearmen.

Look out for further announcements from Langmann and I as things may change somewhat in the final stages. I advise you check in here on a very regular basis.

Remember, May 16th is the final deadline and no changes will be accepted after that point.
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So we can say dreams come truth?? I will do my best to help AS in what WE are doing here.
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will you please post the Gav's mail when it arrives...
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